Netflix to Stream a Live-Action Gundam Film

Netflix has announced on Twitter that it will stream Sunrise and Legendary Pictures’ live-action Hollywood Gundam film, and that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct and produce the film. Comic book author Brian K. Vaughan will write the script and serve as an executive producer for the film.

Legendary’s executive vice president of production Cale Boyter will oversee the project. Boyter appeared with Bandai Namco Holdings president and representative director Mitsuaki Taguchi at Anime Expo in July 2018 to announce the adaptation. Robert Napton, former Bandai Entertainment Director of Marketing and Legendary Comics’ current Senior Vice President of Publishing, moderated the panel segment about the live-action film project.

Napton and Sunrise Executive Expert for film production Ken Iyadomi revealed at a talk at a Project Anime industry presentation in March 2019, that the Gundam Unicorn’s cameo in Pacific Rim: Uprising helped create the relationships between Sunrise and Legendary Pictures, and set the scene for talks about a Gundam film project.

Source: ANN

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