Hulu Adds the English Dub for The Day I Became a God Anime

The Fandom Post is reporting that Hulu is now streaming the English dub for The Day I Became a God anime. All of the episodes are available on the service.

The English cast includes Mark Allen Jr. as Yota Narukami, Dani Chambers as Hina Sato, Justin Cook as Ashura Kokuho, Tabitha Ray as Kyoko Izanami, and Lydia Mackay as Tokiko Narukami.

The story of The Day I Became a God is described as:

Youta Narukami is a student-focused only on his college entrance exams. During his last summer break of high school, he is approached by a girl named Hina who says she is the god of omniscience. She tells him that in 30 days, the world will end. At first Youta doesn’t believe her, but after she demonstrates supernatural predictive abilities, he becomes convinced her power is genuine. Hina, meanwhile, decides for some reason to stay at his house, and they begin a tumultuous vacation facing the end of the world together.

Source: The Fandom Post

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