Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 12 – “Song of the Nightingales”

This episode begins exactly where the previous one ended. Ereinus keeps trying to get Akatsuki to falter, but because she doesn’t see Shiroe as on object of veneration, she doesn’t. She starts sharing various big and little things she knows about Shiroe, and declares during all of this that she’s in love with him. Minori hears this, and realizes that even though they both look at Shiroe, they each see him differently.

But, Akatsuki’s efforts aren’t enough to take down Ereinus. Lelia steps into the fray and starts attacking as well. At one point, Ereinus extracts memories from both of the Mofur sisters, and the younger adventurers get to see characters like Shiroe, Naotsugu, Krusty, etc. when they were beginners in the game. They realize that the Mofur sisters have been watching over the adventurers for a long time. But seeing these memories gives the younger adventurers the encouragement they need to feel like they can win. Since the Mofur sisters are trying to divert Ereinus’ attention, the younger adventurers begin healing and taking a potion in order to continue the raid. With all of them working together, along with Akatsuki and the Mofur sisters, they bring Ereinus down and defeat the “Instance.”

There’s a celebration afterwards, where we learn that the Mofur sisters will be joining Log Horizon. But during the celebration, we see some of the characters reflecting over what’s happened recently. Isuzu is with Rudy, and she realizes that trying to set Minori up on the date and encouraging her to confess her feelings to Shiroe was something that she shouldn’t have done. She feels a lot of remorse, and Rudy is there to comfort her. He also has some incredibly wise things to say to her about her actions and her desire to try to make things right. I know I’ve said this before, but Rudy keeps amazing me with how much he’s matured as a character.

We also get an important scene between Shiroe and Minori. After giving Shiroe a report she’s written up about the raid, she says she feels like she failed as a raid leader. Shiroe disagrees with her on that, and from what I saw in the past two episodes, I would agree with Shiroe. He gives her the words of encouragement she needs to hear, including the idea that she has the power to make any wish she has come true. Well, Minori decides to take the opportunity and confess her love to Shiroe. Unfortunately for her, Shiroe doesn’t give the response she was hoping for. He says he believes he’s in love with someone else, and it’s very strongly hinted that he’s referring to Akatsuki. I was glad to see Shiroe turn Minori down. Like she herself says a little earlier in the scene, she’s still a child. Shiroe is a grown man, so a relationship between these two would have been quite awkward. There’s hope for a Shiroe and Akatsuki shipping, but at this point, they don’t realize that they have mutual feelings for each other.

After the ending credits, there’s a scene of Shiroe saying it’s time to go to Minami, and Akatsuki volunteers to accompany him. One of the last scenes is of Regan, who was eavesdropping nearby, asking to go along as well. And this is where the episode ends. There’s definitely a setup for another season here, so I guess we just wait and see to find out when the story of Log Horizon will continue.

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