The episode opens with Zeke lying on the ground, and he appears to be dying. A Titan makes its way over to him, rips open its stomach, and puts Zeke inside of it. We also see Floch and his group, who Hange is leading to Zeke, seeing the Thunder Spear go off in the distance. You can tell that Hange doesn’t have a good feeling about what’s happened. Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t answer what happened to Levi, so it looks like his fate will be revealed when Attack on Titan returns in Winter 2022. It should be noted that the announcement about the next episode that appeared at the end of this episode in Japan was omitted from Crunchyroll’s stream.

We get to see a lot of Yelena in this episode, and yikes… you can tell by the eyes just how crazy she’s gotten. And if that wasn’t enough, her words and tone, along with suddenly shooting one of her comrades for referring to Mikasa and the other imprisoned scouts as devils… dang. In this episode, she came across as mentally unstable. There’s also the meal Yelena has with Pyxis. I appreciated seeing how calm Pyxis remained while Yelena was taunting him, especially when it came to countering what she was saying. Pyxis really is in a no-win situation, and he’s smart enough to realize it.

The imprisoned scouts are asking Armin why Eren beat him to a pulp. He starts explaining what happened, but Mikasa cuts him off, trying to claim that Eren’s words hadn’t hurt her. It’s actually Jean, of all people, who brings up the possibility that Eren may not have meant what he said, and that there might have been a reason for it. I have a feeling this is laying the groundwork for events that will happen in the next season.

Eren goes to see Gabi, who he refers to as “the brat who killed Sasha.” He’s sees her in the hopes of using her for his plan, but Pieck (who has snuck in amongst the chaos) appears. When Pieck tries to threaten Eren, he immediately calls her bluff. Pieck then goes on about how she, like Zeke, wants to take down Marley. Gabi is shocked to hear her say these things, and this once again shakes Gabi’s beliefs to the core. It’s this storyline that leads us to the cliffhanger for the season. Gabi asks Eren to take her to the roof so she can point out the enemies. She and Gabi are handcuffed together, in order to discourage Pieck from transforming into a Titan. When Yelena sees who Eren has brought, Yelena says she doesn’t trust Pieck. Eren says he doesn’t trust her either, and he knows Pieck’s feelings are mutual.

When Pieck is asked to point out the enemy, she grips Gabi’s hand, then turns around and points at Eren. Suddenly, Galliard appears in his Titan form, and Reiner has come with some of Marley’s airships. Eren transforms into a Titan, and the stage is set for a showdown between Eren and Reiner… just in time for the episode to end. While this works as a cliffhanger, I do think the ending of last week’s episode would have been a stronger cliffhanger to end the season on.

Like I said earlier, it’s been announced that there will be another episode coming in Winter 2022. With this release window, I’m assuming that the next season (or next half of the season, if they decide to go with the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 title) will begin in January 2022. But it does make me wonder why they went with the Attack on Titan Final Season title for this season to begin with if they already knew it wasn’t going to end here. Maybe this title should have been saved for the next batch of episodes that will come out next year, and that this portion of the story had been given something different for a title. While this cliffhanger may not have been as strong as what I would have liked, I’ll still come back when the next season of Attack on Titan starts. I’ve made it this far in the series, and I intend to see it through until the end.

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