Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Canceled With Restart Planned After More Plagiarism Is Uncovered

The official website for studio GoHands’ Tokyo Babylon 2021 television anime has announced that the anime’s production committee has completely canceled the current production of the anime, with the intent of starting fresh with an entirely new production for the anime. According to the committee’s statement, its investigation into plagiarized character costume designs resulted in the discovery of more instances of plagiarism beyond the original two examples.

The announcement added that the investigation resulted in the production committee’s loss of faith in the production, but that CLAMP and the production committee will work to start a new production as quickly as possible.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 was originally scheduled to debut in April 2021, but was delayed due to the aforementioned incident. Staff had referenced costume designs for two characters from other sources without permission.

Source: ANN

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