Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode 14 – “Savagery”

The episode opens with the same scene that ended the previous episode: Eren, with his hand cut open, enters the room where Mikasa, Armin, and Gabi are. It was so strange to see Eren using his wounded hand as a threat against his friends, but it also signifies Eren’s mindset of them. If this imagery wasn’t enough, then Eren’s words certainly showed how his views have changed. He was such an asshole and said very hurtful things toward both Mikasa and Armin. While there may have been some truth in some of the facts he was revealing, his tone and the way he revealed them were just awful. It was tough to see Mikasa, the emotionally strong girl who we’ve come to know, cry. Telling Mikasa that he’s always hated her is one of the cruelest things Eren could have done. Armin gets pissed off at Eren and tries to challenge him in a fistfight, but we sadly know how that’s going to turn out. I can tell from his swagger and from the way he’s talking that Eren has let a lot go to his head. He’s gone from the noisy protagonist that viewers were rooting for to an extreme asshole that the audience can quickly come to hate.

The other main storyline in this episode focuses on Levi and Zeke. Levi is already rather pissed at the guy, and then Zeke runs away and uses his power to turn Levi’s subordinates into Titans, thinking Levi won’t be able to cut down his friends. We see that Levi’s subordinates insisted on bringing the wine along that only the MPs normally get to have, even though Levi argued that they had tea. Sure enough, the others with Levi all drank the wine that contained Zeke’s spinal fluid, and it looks like Levi is going to have a tough time of it. Zeke, meanwhile, is carried away by some Titans and is confident that he’ll escape. The look on his face when Levi catches up is priceless, though. As Levi explains, he’s been forced to kill other comrades before now thanks to Zeke, so at this point, he has no hesitations. Even though Zeke turns into the Beast Titan, Levi manages to take him down, and capture Zeke in the process. Near the end of the episode, we see Zeke being tortured by Levi, and Levi’s anger and hatred toward the man are justified. Levi has lost so many people close to him in this series at this point, and he’s gotten to the point that he’s just tired of it.

We also see Floch take a captured Hange to where Shadis is training new recruits. Before Floch’s arrival, we hear some of the recruits voice that they believe the Jaegerists are better to follow than Shadis and his old-fashioned methods. When Floch asks who among the recruits are loyal to the Jaegerists, a small handful step forward. To prove their allegiance, he says they have to beat up Shadis. These recruits, who were so eagerly supporting the Jaegersists, are shocked and surprised by Floch’s request. Floch then also tells the other recruits that they have to join in if they don’t want to be killed. Floch is another asshole, and is letting what power he thinks he has as a Jaegerist go to his head. It’s becoming pretty clear that the Jaegerists are a bunch of assholes, and that Eren is the biggest asshole of them all.

From the preview, it looks like at least part of it will be focusing on Zeke looking back at his past, and we got a hint of this with one of the final scenes he appears in during this episode. But the preview also seems to indicate that there will be something else besides Zeke’s backstory, so it gives the impression that it won’t just be all exposition.

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