Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 10 – “Labyrinth in Akiba”

The episode opens with Minori and the younger members of the Log Horizon guild trying to come up with a plan to find Shiroe and the others. But these characters, along with the audience, get a surprise… Akatsuki is still there! We learn that she had dropped her level down to 59 with the teacher system, and this piece of information becomes important later. But Akatsuki convinces the younger members not to act recklessly, and she starts taking charge.

Even though Akatsuki and Minori may be competitors for Shiroe’s affection, the two work well together in this situation. Through Minori’s thoughts, we see that even though she saw the shopping trip to buy raid supplies as a date with Shiroe, she was still paying attention to what Shiroe was telling her. At least she wasn’t so head over heels about her “date” with Shiroe that she wasn’t paying attention to the information he was giving her. I have to give Minori credit for that, since a lot of girls her age wouldn’t have been keeping their mind on what was happening if they were in a similar situation.

Meanwhile, with the Adventurers who disappeared, it’s revealed that they are in a dungeon that is designed to look like Akiba. And as they battle the creatures (who are all at Raid level), they discover that their levels have all been dropped to 35. Because of this, they’re having a hard time with the weapons they have that are meant for users with higher levels. A couple of characters die and are reincarnated at the cathedral. These characters see that any damage done in the dungeon designed to look like Akiba doesn’t translate to the real Akiba. The theory is that the other Akiba is an “Instance,” which is a temporary space that’s created when multiple parties are about to coincide in the same dungeon. Of course, while the Adventurers who returned to the real Akiba figure this out, we get the actual explanation from Shiroe, who is among those still in the “Instance.” Unfortunately, with this “Instance,” it’s made this version of Akiba into a labyrinth. Shiroe and his group think they’ve made it to their guild hall, but when they open the door, it’s not their kitchen that they end up in. But at this point, Shiroe realizes that the enemy is utilizing the teacher system to drop the levels of Adventurers at certain ranks and higher down to Level 35.

But it should be noted that dying and being reincarnated back in the real Akiba isn’t an easy answer for the situation. The Adventurers that return still remain at Level 35, and there’s always a chance that the next time they fall asleep, they could end up back in the “Instance.” The “Instance” can’t come to an end until someone takes care of it in that space.

A little later in the episode, Shiroe and his group, along with William and his group, encounter one another. At the same time, Lelia and Litka, the level 65 Ancients, appear and are being chased. Their appearance seems to corroborate Shiroe’s hypothesis about the teacher system and the levels. During the confusion here, though, Rieze is able to hand Shiroe a notebook with observations that she and Wiiliam’s party have made during their time together concerning the current situation. Rieze also invokes a power that allows them to temporarily be able to take on the higher level raid monsters and win.

After Tetra casts Pacification on Lelia and Litka, they start crying and apologizing. But what’s surprising is that they recall Tetra and all of Tetra’s scales that they lost. They also talk about how much they enjoyed playing with the Adventurers. Shiroe realizes that Lelia and Litka were just lonely, and that the Adventurers abandoned these characters. He even admits that during the early days of the game, when Lelia and Litka were important characters, he only ever saw them as game characters. He never thought about them having emotions. While Tetra is surprised by Lelia and Litka’s revelation, there’s still hard feelings about all those lost scales.

Shiroe realizes that Lelia and Litka are likely their only link to Akatsuki, Minori, and the others, so he entrusts them to find them and deliver the notebook I was actually amazed that Tetra didn’t put up an argument about this, since their nickname is “The Useless Sisters.” But at the end of the episode, we see these useless sisters prove themselves by successfully finding and delivering the notebook to Akatsuki and Minori.

The episode seemed to be setting up the idea that this arc is going to see Akatsuki and the younger Adventurers becoming stronger and proving themselves, and the preview for the next episode appears to show that this will indeed be the case. I think this arc is going to serve as an important turning point for these particular Adventurers, and I think by the end of it, they will likely not only get physically stronger, but they may start maturing a little more emotionally as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of this arc unfolds, as well as how exactly the experience is going to change the younger Adventurers.

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