Cells at Work and Friends! Spin-off Manga to End on April 13, 2021

The April 2021 issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend magazine has announced that Kanna Kurono and Mio Izumi’s Cells at Work and Friends! spin-off manga will end in the magazine’s next issue on April 13, 2021.

The manga is described as:

The smash-hit anthropomorphic cell fantasy’s latest spin-off features a fearsome Killer T Cell as its protagonist. Killer T Cells are the assassins who destroy virus-infected cells and other foreign contaminants to keep things peaceful inside the body. The Squad Leader of the Killer T Cells is feared by all… but he wants to change his public persona. He wants friends. But he can’t just say so. Solo karaoke, hot pot parties, and smartphones. Cells using modern gadgets in their daily lives unexpectedly result in one hilarious situation after another.

Kurono and Izumi launched the spin-off of Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! manga in Bessatsu Friend in January 2019. Kodansha Comics publishes the manga in English.

Source: ANN

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