Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 23 – “The Three Princesses Strike Back”

The episode begins in the modern era, exactly where the previous episode left off. Sota and his daughter run into Towa’s teacher, Osamu Kirin. He mentions the comet to Sota, and Sota responds that while he’s heard people talking about it, it shouldn’t be close enough to see it yet. Kirin thinks to himself that regular people aren’t able to see it yet. It then cuts to Kirinmaru in the feudal era, and he says that the comet is in that era as well. I think it’s relatively safe to say that Osamu Kirin has some kind of a connection with Kirinmaru, which is most likely that he is some kind of reincarnation. But I shouldn’t forget to mention that when Osamu Kirin inquires about Towa in the modern era, Sota drags out the excuses we used to hear for Kagome’s lengthy absences from school. This was an amusing throwback, and was probably one the better parts of the episode.

In the feudal era, Kirinmaru meets with Sesshomaru’s mother, and they talk about the protagonists. Sesshomaru’s mother makes it quite clear that she cares nothing for her two grandchildren. It’s not like this is terribly surprising, though.

Towa and Setsuna hire Moroha to help them track down and take down Zero in order to exact their revenge. But before they do, Jyubei tells Setsuna about what he’s heard about the blood blade (which was the mark she got on her arm during the previous episode). Leading up to the protagonists finding Zero, we see her scooping up dirt from where she’s at. It’s later revealed that this is the location where the Great Dog Demon died. Riku is there, with Zero asking him about any powers that Towa might have. Riku tries to lie and say that Towa is too nice to have that kind of power, but Zero sees right through him.

When the protagonists arrive, they work together to try to take down Zero and Riku. Myoga shows up and talks with Moroha, and this is how we learn where their location is. From here on out, though, a lot of information is revealed to the audience, especially after Riku produces the five rainbow pearls he has collected. Zero gets pissed off, but she acquires these, as well as the rainbow pearls that Setsuna and Moroha have, which provide her with her demon power. Without her pearl, Setsuna’s blood blade reacts on its own and strikes down Zero. She appears to die.

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru sees something that indicates that something has happened to Zero. He and Jaken go into the Tree of Ages, where Rin is. She opens her eyes, but we quickly learn that this is a bad thing… because Zero and Rin are connected. If Zero dies, Rin will also die. This was kind of disappointing to learn, especially after the excitement of seeing Rin open her eyes in the preview at the end of the previous episode. Will it be possible to break the connection between Zero and Rin before the end of the next episode?

While in the underworld, Zero gets to talk with Sesshomaru’s mother. This episode confirms that Zero was indeed in love with the Great Dog Demon, and that she turned on him out of jealousy. This seemed to be hinted at strongly in the previous episode, but this episode gave the audience the actual confirmation. I loved how Sesshomaru’s mother taunted her for how human she acted by letting these emotions rule her.

Sesshomaru arrives where Zero and the others are, and uses Tenseiga to bring Zero back to life. When she realizes what happened, Zero is extremely pissed off. How dare Sesshomaru use his father’s fang to bring her back to life! Zero destroys Tenseiga during her fit of rage, and she declares war on Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha.

The preview for next week’s episode gives the appearance that things are going to become bleak. And the way it was done makes what’s going to happen feel foreboding.

While I appreciated finally getting some more answers to some of my questions in this episode, it did feel like the answers were coming fast and furiously. With only one more episode to go, I’m not sure that they’re going to be able to resolve everything by the end of it. I can’t say for sure without seeing the episode, but it feels like to me that the writers couldn’t quite figure out the pacing they needed, and now they’re rushing to reveal the answers to various lingering questions. I’m afraid that the next episode is going to have an unsatisfying ending. I hope I’m wrong on that, though.

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