Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 9 – “Adoration”

The episode begins with the Mofur sisters telling Shiroe and the others about the Genius Ereinus and how they tried fighting him. Shiroe feels their account gives him enough information to figure out his level, and will be bringing up Ereinus’ trek toward Akiba up to the Round Table Conference.

A lot of the episode focuses on Isuzu and her matchmaking. We primarily see her working with Minori, but we also get dialogue later that she’s also working with Serara. Early on, we see a scene between Isuzu and Rudy, where Isuzu is talking about how much she’s working with Minori to coordinate her outfit and encouraging her to ask Shiroe out on a date. It appears that Rudy wants to say something to her, but Isuzu doesn’t let him. If I had to guess what Rudy wanted to say, it was probably to discourage her from the matchmaking efforts she’s going to. I know I mentioned this earlier on this season, but it seems like Rudy has really matured compared to the first two seasons of Log Horizon. At this point, he almost seems to be the most mature of the younger group of characters… which is something I never thought I’d ever say about him.

Minori talks with Shiroe, and the discussion turns toward raids. She works up the courage to ask him to take her shopping so she can learn about how to buy items for a raid. He agrees to do this when he has some time. And he does find the time during the episode to take her on this trip and explain what to buy and why to buy them. From how this is ultimately depicted, I get the feeling that Shiroe just sees this as a moment to teach someone important information about how to shop for a raid, but that Minori feels as if there was more there than there really was. Near the end of the episode, we see a moment between Akatsuki and Minori that takes place after the trip, and they both say how they want to be of help to Shiroe. Akatsuki seems to be the more confident of the two of them during this conversation, but in the end, they acknowledge each other and their efforts to become better in order to help Shiroe. After this episode, I get the feeling that Akatsuki has the upper hand when it comes to potentially winning Shiroe’s affections, but that’s assuming that he’s even thinking about romance at all. From how the show is depicting Shiroe, a romantic relationship seems to be the farthest thing from his mind at this point in time.

This episode also sees the younger members of the cast, along with the Mofur sisters, getting some training to help prepare them to fight in a raid (since at this point, they’re all either at or above a level of 50, which is the minimum level one needs to participate in a raid). We get to see them with both Naotsugu and Tetora, and their teaching methods are very different. While Naotsugu goes the traditional route using “teacher mode,” Tetora just antagonizes some giants to start attacking the group. Tetora, meanwhile, uses a spell of protection to avoid having to fight the giants. Tetora mutters something about this not having to do with a grudge against the Mofur sisters, and my thought was, “Riiiight, Tetora.”

We also see a brief scene of Rayneshia and a small group of people trying to come up with a plan to rescue Krusty. Nothing definite is decided in this scene, but at least it was good to get this scene to reinforce to the audience that a mission to save Krusty is in the works.

The episode ends with the younger members of Log Horizon waking up and finding that all of the adults and the Mofur sisters have disappeared. After Toya comments about the weird color of the sky outside, Minori quickly surmises that Akiba is under attack by Genius Ereinus. The preview for the next episode shows that Minori’s guess is correct, and that the episode is going to focus on this attack. I have a feeling that this attack is going to be an important moment for the younger members of the cast, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

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