Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 22 – “The Stolen Seal”

The episode opens with a flashback of Toga, Kirinmaru, and Zero together, with Toga and Kirinmaru taking on the Grim Comet. This scene highlighted interactions between Toga and Zero, and they seemed to be on friendly enough terms. So this doesn’t really help with the confusion that existed in flashbacks in the previous episode, where Zero had gone from wanting to see Toga dead to mourning Toga’s death and creating the rainbow pearls. Zero did seem to act as if she was interested in Toga romantically, so maybe she was upset with him for getting together with Lady Izayoi at the time of the fire, but then realized that she didn’t hate him? Maybe these last two episodes will help explain this better. Oh, and it’s also revealed in this episode that Zero is Kirinmaru’s older sister.

We then see Miroku doing some training. The text to show who Miroku is was done as: “Hisui’s father – Miroku.” Does this quite get to the level of Naruto becoming “Boruto’s Dad”? LOL. Zero shows up to where he’s training and restrains him. She uses her power to get from Miroku the information she needs to break the seal on Setsuna’s demon power. Kin’u, one of Miroku and Sango’s daughters, finds him in his predicament and learns what has happened and how Setsuna is in danger. It’s interesting to note that Kin’u appears to have been trained by Miroku to use spiritual powers, so she is the perfect one to help with Setsuna.

Zero finds Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha, and manages to break Setsuna’s seal. As her powers are unleashed, there is also a pair of butterfly wings that come out of Setsuna’s back. This obviously has a connection with the Dream Butterfly, but what exactly does this mean? Also, we see the repercussions of what happened after Towa foolishly gave away her silver pearl to Riku in last week’s episode.

It becomes clear that Setsuna’s demon powers are more than Moroha and Towa can handle in normal states. Moroha uses her rouge to become Beniyasha, and there’s a bit of a fight sequence between these two. In the long run, though, I can’t say that this sequence is very memorable. Towa also tries to use the power of her sword to absorb Setsuna’s demon power, but this doesn’t work all that well.

Hisui and Kin’u arrive on Kirara, and it’s up to Towa to try to subdue Setsuna and calm her down so Kin’u can take care of the seal. After some struggle, Setsuna realizes that Towa is there and calms down. Kin’u applies another seal, but it doesn’t seem to entirely work. There was a new mark that appeared on Setsuna during the fight, and it doesn’t go away when the seal is reapplied. Setsuna also mentions she can still feel some of her demon blood stirring.

This episode also gives us quick glimpses of Totosai and Sesshomaru, and both seem to pick up on the fact that Setsuna’s demon blood had awoken when Zero broke the seal.

Right at the end of the episode, we are in modern day Japan, where we see Towa’s teacher looking at a red comet moving through space as he looks through a telescope. He says to himself: “So the Grim Comet does appear, even in this era.” And the teacher has an… interesting name: Osamu Kirin. Could Towa’s teacher be a reincarnation of Kirinmaru? Or perhaps a reincarnation of Riku, taking on a last name that would sound similar to Kirinmaru? Kirinmaru was Riku’s master, after all, so it could be possible that Riku decided to take on part of Kirinmaru’s name. But the teacher does seem to be a reincarnation of somebody, and I would guess either Kirinmaru himself or Riku.

We have two more episodes left for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. Between what we saw in this episode, as well as what is hinted at in the preview for the next episode, we seem to have gotten some more questions answered. Yet, the appearance of the teacher in modern day Japan has just added more questions. At this point, I’m afraid that we either won’t get all of the hanging threads wrapped up by the end of these episodes, or that the story will be rushed in order to answer these various hanging threads.

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