The beginning of this episode finally reveals some backstory for Riku, as well as the origin of the rainbow pearls. It turns out the mysterious woman, Zero, is the reason why the rainbow pearls exist in the first place. And it was interesting to learn that Riku stumbled upon the fire that killed the Great Dog-Demon when he was ordered by Kirinmaru, the one he worked for, to take medicinal herbs to help the Great Dog-Demon heal so Kirinmaru could fight him. Viewers of Inuyasha already knew about this fire, because this is the fire that kiiled Inuyasha’s father, but Inuyasha and his mother lived. And it was interesting to learn that Zero had a connection with the Great Dog-Demon, after we saw her in flashbacks manipulating Sesshomaru.

This episode is also the night of the new moon, which means that Towa has lost her demon powers. Setsuna sternly tells her to stay with Kaede and not to wander off. In her human state, Towa reminds Kaede of Rin, and Kaede tells Towa about her mother, as well as how she mysteriously vanished around 14 years ago. That night, Towa has a dream of the Dream Butterfly. It takes Setsuna’s memories and goes to the Tree of Ages. Towa is able to see Rin inside the tree, and wonders if she is their mother. When Towa wakes up from the dream, she sees a Dream Butterfly and follows it, and it leads her directly to the Tree of Ages. Riku makes an appearance, and is trying, but failing, to charm Towa in the hopes of getting her rainbow pearl. Towa is also given an explanation about the rainbow pearls from Riku and how he’s trying to collect them in order to return them to Zero. It’s interesting that Riku knew Towa was at the Tree of Ages. Does he have the ability to cause Towa to have that dream and lead her to the Tree of Ages? Was it someone else’s doing, and Riku just happened to be in the area?

They are interrupted by the arrival of Totetsu, who wants to get revenge on Towa. We see Riku defending Towa, but getting injured in the process because of poisonous bees. During this whole sequence near the Tree of Ages, the interactions between Riku and Towa are a little awkward, but it seems like they might be getting a little closer. Well, at least Towa seems to be falling for him. I’m not necessarily convinced that Riku feels the same way.

Moroha and Setsuna also arrive as Towa is in danger of being taken down by Totetsu. But just when things look like they’re going to go completely wrong for all of them, an attack comes from the sky and slices Totetsu’s head off of his body. It’s Riku, and he swoops down and takes the orange pearl from the now decapitated Totetsu. At the end of the episode, Towa does something really idiotic because of her feelings for Riku, and doesn’t think about the fact that he has a connection with Kirinmaru. Oh, Towa. We see her yelling after Riku that she wants the item back that she gave him, but of course he isn’t responding. I have a feeling that Towa is going to strongly regret this action she made.

The preview for the next episode sees Zero taking action in regards to Setsuna. It looks like it will be an interesting episode, but at this point, I’m almost afraid that we’re not going to get everything resolved. There’s only three episodes left, and considering what we know of the next one, that’s only going to leave two episodes to wrap up loose ends. And… I just don’t see it happening, unless the writers decide to rush through the story in the final two episodes.

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