Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 7 – “Not A Curse”

This episode tells the second part of Misa and Rieze’s puppet show. At the beginning, Kanami finds Krusty, who has fallen into Sirius Grotto. Youren makes an appearance, and begins a battle with Krusty. We do get a brief backstory moment for Krusty, and we get to see him as a young child. We learn why he always appears to be detached from people, as well as why he tries not to “rock the boat,” so to speak. But during the battle with Youren, he utilizes something that Shiroe figured out back in the first season to his advantage. But with this move, Krusty finally recalls what happened to him when he was whisked away to the Chinese server, and it turns out that Youren’s mother had a major hand in how Krusty ended up in the shape he was in when he was taken to the temple. I liked how during this sequence, Krusty went from not wanting to attract attention and shaking things up to making major changes through the “contract” that was made with Youren’s mother in order to get the upper hand.

A corrupted Elias Hackblade also makes an appearance, and gets into a fight with Leonardo. Leonardo tries to get through to him, but it takes speaking through fighting instead of words to see a difference. His motivation of being frustrated with his fairy curse drove him to be manipulated by Youren, but after her defeat, Leonardo mentions that he broke the curse… Elias got his HP under 25%. I also appreciated Leonardo explaining that what he had wasn’t a curse, because Elias had decided to never kill his enemy. How does Leonardo know this? From reading through Elias’ backstory that came with the game. To be honest, the title “Not A Curse” could also apply to Krusty as well as to Elias (who it was obviously a reference to). Both of these characters broke past their respective curses and can now move forward.

When Shiroe realizes what Krusty was trying to communicate, he takes on the “Villain with Glasses” look (the black shadow over his face) and starts laughing. I think Shiroe is plotting something, but what exactly it is, I don’t know yet. And Rayneshia’s reaction when she realizes what Krusty is up to was priceless.

This episode didn’t rely as much on the puppet show motif as the first one did, although we did get a couple of amusing scenes of Akatsuki during the puppet show portions. But with this episode, it was more important to convey information through watching the story unfolding rather than with the puppets. But I was happy to finally learn what has happened to Krusty during his absence from Akihabara.

From the preview for the next episode, though, it appears that whatever Shiroe is planning will be staying on the backburner for now. The preview indicates that we will be introduced to two new characters who have been shown in the opening credits. It’s hinted that they have some kind of connection with Shiroe, so it will be interesting to learn more about who they are and their connection with Shiroe.

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