Case Closed: Episode 998 – “The Frying Pan of Hatred”

The episode opens with Naoyuki Omura, the president of a venture company, criticizing a frying pan made by Masakazu Koshiro, the R&D chief. This leads to the two of them getting into a heated argument, which is broken up by two employees: Tomi Mizusawa and Tetsuo Taguchi. But right from the get-go, we can see a hint of where this story will be headed.

Ran, along with Kogoro and Conan, attend a demonstration of the company’s new frying pan, which is being hosted by Tomi and Tetsuo. Right at first, I was wondering why they were there, and it wasn’t until later in the episode that Ran mentions that she volunteered to be a reviewer for this new frying pan. I kind of wish this explanation had been made earlier, so I wouldn’t have found myself questioning why they were at the demonstration in the first place. When the demonstration reaches a point where there’s supposed to be a word from the president, he doesn’t enter the room. A nearby scream reveals that Omura has been stabbed. Kogoro and Conan rush into the nearby room and declare that Omura is dead. Kogoro calls out to someone to call from an ambulance, but he didn’t specifically call out Ran this time… shocking! But a jar of sleeping pills and some kind of valve are discovered on a nearby table. The guess at this point is that Omura was the victim of a robbery, since his wallet is missing and it appears someone escaped from the room out of an open window.

When the police arrive and ask if all the parties are gathered, Tomi and Tetsuo mention that there’s an adjoining building where the research team works. Just as Megure tells someone to gather those people in with the others, the research building explodes. Kogoro and Conan find Koshiro laying on the floor, and he’s also dead. Conan notices a wallet and a bloody knife nearby. The wallet is determined to be Omura’s, and that the blood on the knife has been identified as Omura’s. A suicide note is also found in the research building.

On the surface, it looks like Kohiro murdered Omura and then killed himself. But I thought this explanation was too easy, especially since we still had a significant amount of the episode remaining. Conan seemed to think so, too, especially after some information that Tomi and Tetsuo relayed to the police. Naturally, Conan takes it upon himself to do some of his own investigation, and he stumbles across a couple of things. Surprisingly, the police already noticed, and Conan claims to Detective Takagi that Kogoro wants access to the reports on these things.

When Conan figures out the truth, he gets lucky that Kogoro comes by at the right moment. A shot from the stun gun later, Conan is able to use his voice-changing bowtie to relay what he’s deduced and eventually get the guilty party to admit their guilt. With this case, there really could only be two potential suspects, since there were only two employees focused on in addition to Omura and Kohiro. It was just a question of which one of them it was. I had been leaning toward the eventual culprit, since the other one didn’t seem to be acting when it came to their emotions about the deaths of the two victims.

For a one-episode murder mystery, this wasn’t bad. A tad predictable, maybe, but it wasn’t bad. It was definitely a more enjoyable episode than last week’s. But then again, just about anything would be a better and more enjoyable episode than last week’s!

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