This episode finally gives us an explanation for what happened to Krusty after his disappearance at the end of Log Horizon 2. But the framing for the explanation is actually quite amusing. Misa and Rieze show up to talk to Shiroe and the others in order to pass on an explanation from Krusty. However, they have decided to do it in the form of a puppet show in order to make it easier for everyone to understand. In a previous episode, we saw Akatsuki working on something that looked like a frog, and it turns out it was a puppet for this show. With this being revealed, I thought it made for great foreshadowing. It was also revealed here that in the real world, Misa was a day care teacher.

While we do occasionally see the puppets (which look absolutely adorable), a lot of the story is told to the audience through traditional means. When Krusty appeared on the Chinese server, he was rescued by a wolf and taken to a temple maintained by an enchantress named Youren. When Krusty had an interaction with Youren, I got the impression that there was something sketchy about her, and what’s revealed later in the episode proved my suspicions to be correct. Those who work at the temple come to believe that Krusty is an immortal wizard, so they wait on him hand and foot.

Through the puppet show, before the story really gets going, it’s revealed that Krusty has been placed under the Soul Darkness Curse. His HP’s natural recovery became suspended, and HP recovery by healing spells, facilities, or items becomes impossible. His telepathic links became suspended, and moving around by crossing server borders becomes impossible. He also has random memory loss.

While Krusty is at the temple, Kanami and her party continue their travel through the Chinese server in order to return to the Japanese server. Even though the “Novasphere Pioneers” expansion wasn’t installed on the Chinese server, there are still things happening on the Chinese server that shouldn’t be. A hero named Elias Hackblade joins Kanami’s party, and it’s revealed that he’s one of the characters pictured on the box for the Elder Tales game. He’s one of the Ancient Heroes, but he’s been afflicted with a curse that prevents his attacks from harming any opponent with less than a quarter of their maximum hit points. As we see later in the episode, Youren preys on his desire to be rid of this curse to get him to do what she desires.

Kanami and her group are close to the temple, and the route they want to take (a dungeon called Sirius Grotto) is only for a group of four to six people between levels 80 and 90. Since Elias is at level 100, he is unable to accompany them. This allows Youren to separate him from the others, and she weaves a tale about Krusty being an enemy that he has to defeat. Apparently, on the Chinese server, there is an event called the Guild Derby, where a Coronation Altar appears. The guild that reaches it and holds the Ritual of Coronation can obtain the right to control the surrounding area. The altar has appeared near the temple, so there are guilds rushing to the area. As part of the lie she weaves for Elias, Youren claims that Krusty is after the altar so he can have the right to control the area.

Just as a battle between Krusty and Elias ends, we return to the puppet show. Misa and Rieze announce that this is the end of Part One. However, after a bathroom break, they will return for Part Two. And that’s where the episode ended. I kind of chuckled at this ending, and I thought it was clever. Obviously, this means that we will be seeing more of Krusty’s story next week, and hopefully it will conclude in the second part.

I thought the puppet show framing was something different, and it helped make an episode that could have simply been an info dump more interesting for the audience to watch. I’m also glad to see that these episodes are finally here, so the audience can learn what’s been happening with Krusty and Kanami’s party over on the Chinese server. Hopefully later in this season, Krusty will be able to break his curse and be able to return to the Japanese server, along with Kanami and her party. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode to see more of the puppet show and to find out more about Krusty and the others.

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