This episode sees the demon slayers being summoned to the home of Lord Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo, but it turns out they were summoned by his daughter, Princess Aiya. Kohaku is unable to come, so Hisui decides to make decisions in his place. The princess, who has that laugh that’s become associated with characters like Kodachi from Ranma 1/2 and Nanami from Revolutionary Girl Utena, is a tip off to the audience that she’s not being honest. She wants the demon slayers to go into a battle with a group of bounty hunters, which Jyubei forces Moroha to be a part of. If the bounty hunters win, the money being offered would go toward paying off Moroha’s debt.

Hisui decides to take up this challenge after the princess declares that if the demon slayers win, they can join the lord’s forces. Setsuna is part of the demon slayers’ group, and Moroha is told not to say anything to Towa. But she kind of slips it out, and Towa gets herself involved.

At the battlefield, the bounty hunters have created an obviously fake castle, which the demon slayers are quickly able to set on fire with the oil pots that they catapult over. Towa shows up to save Moroha, and the other bounty hunters just kind of disappear. It ultimately turns into a battle between Moroha and Setsuna, with Towa trying to mediate.

But Kohaku arrives just in time to overhear the princess tell her guards that the job offer for the demon slayers was fake. He then goes to the battlefield and brings an end to the proceedings, informing the demon slayers of what he learned from the princess. Hisui admits that he wanted to become part of the lord’s forces so he and the other demon slayers can help pay back Kohaku for all he’s done for them. At least Kohaku was able to talk sense into them by reminding them of what the mission for the demon slayers really is.

And then we see the princess getting lectured by her father. It was here that I realized that we know who her father is. I didn’t recognize the name, but seeing him, I realized he was the lord who captured Towa and who played a major part in the parts of the first episode that weren’t flashbacks to the past (and then these scenes were part of a later episode that moved the story beyond that point). Even though the spoiled little princess is lectured by her father, we can tell that she hasn’t learned any lessons.

In the end, this episode was ultimately filler and didn’t do anything to advance the main plot. I found it to be uninteresting, and I never really did understand the whole point of the battle that took place in this episode. After having some problematic episodes recently, I don’t think pointless filler really helped anything for this series. The preview for the next episode seems to indicate we’re going to learn a little bit about what happened to Setsuna after she and Towa were separated in the forest fire, and in these flashbacks, we see that a character we were introduced to in Inuyasha will play an important part in the story. Hopefully next week’s episode will be worth it to make up for this pointless and unenjoyable filler story.

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