Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 5 – “Blessings”

The episode begins with the final speeches being made by the candidates before the election. Malves begins the proceedings by sharing a letter from Sir Touri. After that, Eins follows up with words he feels will give hope to the people of Akiba. As Rudy watches the proceedings, he thinks that Eins is going to win the election, especially after witnessing the reactions of the people. But then, something unexpected happens… a nearby transport gate opens, and people start coming out of it.

Malves tries to call it election interference, but Eins pointed out that the promotion for the election was written in a way that says that anyone who is in Akiba on the day of the election can vote. Now that I think about it, I remember that in one of the earlier episodes, a point was made about how to phrase that advertisement, because there were concerns about the logistics of deciding who was eligible to vote. I’m not surprised that Shiroe found a way to utilize that phrasing in order to help the cause for the New Round Table.

Rayneshia gives her speech, and Shiroe follows it up by explaining who will be involved in the New Round Table. He specifically points out who from the People of the Land he intends to include in this new body, and the People of the Land are ecstatic when they see that Regan and Kinjo from the Kunie Tribe have been invited to participate. At this point, Rudy says he has no idea how the People of the Land will vote.

The actual vote itself consists of the voters putting in a coin in the ballot box to represent which candidate they wish to vote for. But, in an interesting twist, we learn that Eins drops out of the race before the votes are even counted. A short while later, it’s revealed in a scene between Eins, Touri, and Malves that Shiroe’s reopening of the transportation gate negatively affected the Senate’s plans and Touri’s mission… which led to Touri having Eins drop out. Touri says he’s heading back home, but offers Eins the opportunity to accompany him. Eins accepts. As Eins leaves, Isaac is given a mission by Shiroe to talk to him before he leaves and giving him two important items. Shiroe sent Isaac, because Shiroe knew that Eins would take any encouraging words and support better from Isaac than from him. In fact, Shiroe suspects (and I think rightly so), that Eins would have taken the same words the wrong way if Shiroe had said them. Even though Eins is leaving, I have a feeling we’ll still be seeing him in some capacity in the series.

We learn from Shiroe that the votes were counted, and in the end, Rayneshia won… but just barely. At least they can truly say that Rayneshia didn’t simply win by default. While Shiore admits that the vote was a little closer than he had hoped for, at least they can say they won fair and square.

What I found interesting is that with the way the story was written, there wasn’t the stress and tension of counting the votes (which I thought was going to be part of the episode). But with the way it was written, with Eins dropping out before the votes were even counted, made that aspect moot. And honestly, I think I prefer the episode the way it was done. Let’s be honest, the tension of counting the ballots and waiting with bated breath to find out who won would have been the “typical” way to go about writing an election episode, so choosing not to go this route was the more “creative” way of telling this story.

But with the election now over, it’ll be interesting to see the new dynamics and the era that will arise with the establishment of the New Round Table. For the first four episodes, and even for some of this one, there was this sense of tension and uncertainty hanging over the story. But with the resolution of this storyline, there is, at least for now, a small glimmer of hope that the audience starts to feel. But how long this sense of hope is going to last remains to be seen.

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