Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 18 – “Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru”

The episode begins with a recap of the final scene of the previous episode to help the audience remember what happened to end the previous episode. Of course, this was Setsuna and Towa cutting through Konton’s trap. From here, it leads into a fight between the two half-demons and Konton. At first, Konton taunts the girls’ chase of the Dream Butterfly, because they don’t know what Kirinmaru’s plans are for it. He then summons his shikigami, a Wind Lion and a Thunder Lion. The half-demons take them out rather quickly. So then, they’re up against Konton himself.

During the battle, Konton takes out a blue rainbow pearl and explains that Lady Zero scattered the seven Rainbow Pearls because when they’re combined together, they form a power that should not exist. I think it’s safe to say that we just got an important fact here. Considering the prophecy that half-demons are supposed to take Kirinmaru’s life (beings that should not exist in that world), could it be that Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha can defeat Kirinmaru if they have all seven of the Rainbow Pearls? Hmmm… just thinking out loud here. Anyway, Konton uses his blue pearl to summon a big, ugly blue troll. While Setsuna is battling the troll, Towa focuses on Konton. Unfortunately, since they’re still in Konton’s dimensional space, he uses this to his advantage. But, after Setsuna reminds Towa that they can sniff out demon energy, Towa uses this ability to find Konton. After Konton is revealed, the ogre transforms into what I guess is supposed to be a stronger form (I was thinking that even though the new form looked weaker, we would get something like the Frieza transformation in Dragon Ball Z, where the weaker looking form is actually stronger). However, the two half-demons then quickly defeat both the ogre and Konton, and this felt rather… anti-climactic. I just thought this takedown of Konton was too easy.

But with the defeat of Konton, his dimensional space disappears. This allows Towa and Setsuna to reunite with Moroha, who is up against Totetsu, the last of the Four Perils. Totetsu escapes by using a smokescreen, but the girls use Takechiyo to follow him and he ends up leading them to Kirinmaru. Towa tries to ask him about the Dream Butterfly, but he’s not interested in talking about it. Instead, he wants to test the girls’ strength. Unfortunately, not even Moroha is strong enough to do anything after using the rouge to become Lady Beniyasha. Just as all hope seems lost, Sesshomaru appears. The twins finally get to see their father, and watch him in a fight against Kirinmaru. Which, of course, emphasizes just how their power pales in comparison to Kirinmaru. Unfortunately, Towa and Setsuna are knocked unconscious during the fighting, so they don’t get to see everything that happens. Kirinmaru calls it a draw, and he expects Sesshomaru to work for what Kirinmaru desires him to do. And with that, Sesshomaru leaves… even after Jaken asks about taking care of the unconscious twins. Sesshomaru curtly tells Jaken they need to leave and ignore the twins. I guess Sesshomaru won’t be winning any “father of the year” awards anytime soon.

So, remember my thought earlier about the Rainbow Pearls? Between Konton’s scene talking about the pearls and the girls’ attempts to fight Kirinmaru failing miserably, I do think my theory may have some merits. I’ll just have to keep watching to find out. Oh, and I should mention that Riku finally shows his true colors to the audience. He picks up Konton’s blue pearl and comments that he’s not going to let anyone else have the pearls besides him. So now we know that Riku is a power hungry villain, and is only concerned about our three main characters because he wants the pearls that they possess.

The episode ends with our three main characters by the Tree of Ages. Moroha is kicking at it, trying to get it to say something, and Setsuna is playing her violin. As this is going on, the audience gets a shot of Rin in suspended animation in the tree, to remind the audience that she’s there. The twins are so close to their mother at that moment and have no clue. My guess is that there’s going to be some kind of connection between the Dream Butterfly and Rin. I don’t know if that connection would be part of Kirinmaru’s plan, though.

The preview for the next episode gave off a “filler” vibe. On the one hand, this really feels like the wrong spot to put in a filler episode. However, in some anime series over the years, there has been a light-hearted filler episode right before the final climax of the series. I hope the latter is the case for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. The pieces seem to be falling into place to be leading to the climax. However, there will still be five episodes left after next week’s apparent “filler,” so I’m afraid the climax may be stretched out if the latter reason for the next episode is true. Hopefully I’m wrong about it being filler, but I have a sinking feeling that I’m not.

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