Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 17 – “Trap of the Two Perils”

The episode starts out with Riku paying a visit to Jyubei and retrieving a necklace he had left with the bounty hunter. From there, he pays a visit to Konton, who is setting up a field for a spell. Riku kind of eggs Konton on about his failure to capture Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. When Konton says he needs someone to anchor the spell, Riku brings up the remaining peril, Totetsu (the one that eats monks that we saw a little while back). Konton doesn’t know where he is, so Riku volunteers to find both him and our three protagonists. Riku is obviously setting up a trap and is playing both sides against each other. However, I still can’t see what his endgame is or what he’ll gain by his shenanigans.

Towa and Setsuna are on their journey to try to find the Dream Butterfly. I should probably more accurately say that Towa is on the journey, and Setsuna is just following along. Once again, Setsuna makes it clear that she really doesn’t care about the Dream Butterfly and regaining her memories and her ability to sleep. They’re looking for Mount Musubi, and when talking to a farmer, they say they were told by the villagers that the mountain was nearby. However. the farmer says the name for that mountain is Mount Omusubi. While the names are similar, how does someone not hear the “O” at the front of the word, or hear the lack of one in the case of the villagers? Especially since adding that “O” adds a syllable, which makes the flow of the word sound noticeably different. This felt like a forced misunderstanding. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starting to get a little tired of the search for the Dream Butterfly. It feels like it’s spinning its wheels and not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Moroha is busy doing chores at Jyubei’s place and being taunted by Takechiyo. I’m going to be honest here and say that I find Takechiyo to be annoying, and that I find nothing endearing about him. Also, I get frustrated with Jyubei for not trying to do something about Takechiyo’s constant ribbing of Moroha. Yes, Moroha gets into it with Takechiyo, but more often than not, Takechiyo is the instigator. And at this point, there’s been nothing to really give us any backstory for Takechiyo or any reason given for the audience to care about this character. The only thing he’s useful for is to provide the occasional transportation for our main characters.

Anyway, Riku shows up at Jyubei’s place while all of this is going on, and unleashes his plan to lure the girls into a trap. With Takechiyo’s help, Moroha and Riku pick up Towa and Setsuna and go to a temple that’s being “terrorized” by Totetsu. As we see, Totetsu really has no interest in this particular monk, but he has to act like he does in order to lure the girls into the trap. Towa and Setsuna barge in, with Towa insisting that Totetsu let the monk go. When Totetsu questions why, Towa tries using her modern day logic, which of course fails in the feudal era. Setsuna steps in and warns that they’ll cut everything up, including the monk. As this is happening, Moroha sneaks up behind Totetsu. Towa notices her, and unfortunately, gives away that Moroha is there by smiling. Setsuna later chastises Towa for this, blaming it on the fact that Towa wasn’t properly trained. In this case, though, it should have been basic logic that should have told Towa to user her “poker face” so as not to alert Totetsu to Moroha’s presence.

The end result of everything is that Totetsu lures the girls into Konton’s trap, where they’re trapped in a world that Konton controls with his spell, with Moroha being separated from the sisters. The one thing the animators got right here was the “unearthly” feel that the footage set in the “spell world” is given. That was a nice touch. Towa and Setsuna figure out what’s going on, with Towa using her modern day thinking, while Setsuna uses her feudal era knowledge. With what they figure out, they are able to break out of the spell and find Konton… and this is where the episode ends.

The preview shows Towa and Setsuna fighting against Totetsu and Konton, but there’s something more interesting. We see footage of Kirinmaru and Sesshomaru arriving, and the next episode is titled, “Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru.” So Sesshomaru is finally going to make his presence known to his daughters and to his niece, and bringing Kirinmaru with him. How will their appearance affect the fights going on with Totetsu and Konton? Hopefully Sesshomaru’s appearance will be an important step to finally get this story moving along. I’m trying hard not to get my hopes up high, though, considering some the disappointments that Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon‘s writing has provided recently.

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