Manga Review: Chainsaw Man Volume Three

Chainsaw Man Volume Three follows Denji and his companions, who are trying to hunt down the Gun Devil.

Chainsaw Man Volume Three
Written by: Tatsuki Fujimoto
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: February 2, 2021

The first three chapters in this volume continue the story where it left off in Volume Two, with Denji, Aki, Power, Himeno, Arai, and Kobeni stuck on the eighth floor of the building. The demon that’s trapped them there offers to make a contract: let it kill Denji, and it will let the others go free.

The scene where the group debates about making the contract with the demon highlights their personalities. Well, except for Arai and Kobeni, since they’ve gone crazy out of fear. We get to see more of their personalities later in the volume. Aki is the most level-headed and realizes that Denji’s death would somehow benefit the devils, so he refuses to make the contract.

In the end, it surprisingly ends up being Denji who comes up with the plan to defeat the devil and help the others escape. I don’t think he truly knew whether or not it would work, but he decided to jump into action with it anyway, since he felt he had nothing to lose. In the end, they manage to escape and get a piece of the Gun Devil.

This section also provides us another flashback for Himeno and how, as his mentor, tries to keep Aki from going after the Gun Devil. While her attempts don’t work, these flashbacks clearly show how she feels about him.

After this, we get roughly three chapters that help to develop the characters some more, as well as providing the reader a “breather” between the action that took place in the earlier chapters in the volume and the events that happen right near the end of the volume. It’s basically a “calm before the storm,” if you will. Like I said earlier, we got some more development for Arai and Kobeni, but there’s also more of a focus on Himeno. I should have suspected that something important would happen to Himeno, considering how much focus she was getting in this volume, but I didn’t. All I will say is that during the last bit of this volume, Himeno plays a very pivotal role and something happens to her.

Makima appears during these three chapters, and we see Denji feel conflicted, since he’s about to get the kiss Himeno promised him in the previous chapter if they escaped when Makima joins the group for their celebration. We later see an interaction between Makima and Denji, and in some respects, Makima almost comes across as a mother figure with some advice she has for him. Almost, anyway. In some respects, it’s still a mystery to the audience what kind of feelings or relationship that Makima feels she has with Denji.

The last three chapters see Makima, Denji, and the others coming under attack at various locations. It’s obvious why Denji is being targeted, but not so much for the others. My guess is that they’re being targeted since they have connections to Denji. As I alluded to earlier, something major happens to Himeno during these attacks, and it’s going to have a lasting impact on the characters. Between this volume and the previous volume of Chainsaw Man, Himeno was given enough development to give some weight to this event for the reader as well. Volume Three ends with a cliffhanger that will make readers wants to come back for the next volume in order to find out what happens.

Chainsaw Man continues to be an interesting read, and I believe that like me, other readers of the series will be riveted by the events in the final chapters of this volume and want to continue the series in order to find out how the story continues, as well as to see how Denji continues to develop as a character.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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