Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode 7 – “Assault”

The title of this episode aptly describes what happens. The entire episode focuses on the assault on Marley, and it’s pretty epic. The Cart Titan and the Beast Titan join Marley’s side, while Armin makes a surprise appearance later in the episode as the Colossus Titan. But as we see in the episode, Armin doesn’t relish the actions he takes as the Colossus Titan, and wonders if Bertholdt saw the same sights of death and destruction that he was seeing at this point. Considering Armin’s personality, it’s not surprising that he has these thoughts and feelings. It’s not like he asked to be given the Colossus Titan in the first place, and that it was burden that was ultimately put onto him by someone else.

Of course, Eren and the Founding Titan are the ones who get to shine in this episode. What he ends up doing to Galliard and to the War Hammer Titan near the end of the episode was… something else. I found it telling that we get a shot of Mikasa as this is going on, and that she looks sad as this is taking place. It was a look that made me think that while she cares about Eren, she doesn’t necessarily approve of the actions he’s taking at that point.

A lot happens in this episode, though. For a lot of the episode, it seems like Marley should be able to keep things under control, but things start going sideways around the time that Armin transforms into the Colossus Titan at the port. Levi manages to get a hit in on the Beast Titan to knock him down, and the Cart Titan is taken down and Pieck seems to be near death.

Hange finally makes an appearance in this episode as well, aboard an airship that is heading to pick up the fighters from Paradis. Armin has already been picked up by the airship. It’s the arrival of the airship that makes Galliard move into action, and leads to Mikasa cutting off his Titan’s legs and to Eren’s actions that I reference earlier.

We also get to see what happened to Reiner and Falco when Eren transformed into the Founding Titan under the stage. Reiner transformed into the Armored Titan and shielded Falco. When Falco emerges, he realizes that Reiner is still alive but isn’t moving. In a flashback, we see Reiner saying he’s tired of everything and just wants to die. Falco goes to try to find help, and he comes across Magath and Gabi. Near the end of the episode, they see what the Founding Titan is doing to the War Hammer Titan and to Galliard, and they keep yelling out to Reiner. The episode ends with Reiner bringing forth the Armored Titan to fight, but grumbling that he wished they had let him die in peace. So it appears the stage has been set for another Eren vs. Reiner battle, but this time, it’s taking place in the streets of Marley.

When I read this section of the manga, I could tell that it was an exciting and epic fight, but I knew it would feel even more so if it was animated. And sure enough, this episode proved my thoughts to be correct. This episode was very action-packed, and I think the animation perfectly captured the actions and the events taking place. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next episode portrays what happens next.

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