Case Closed: Episode 995 – “Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part Three)”

The recap that was done to present the important information from the previous two episodes is short and to the point, but it wasn’t so short that it missed anything that I thought was important.

Unfortunately for Conan, Sera is more interested in figuring out whether or not he’s really Shinichi Kudo, and he has to try to stop her from asking Ran and Sonoko strange questions. When Sera asks them if there’s any of Conan’s friends who act more mature for their age, Conan tries to interject with Mitsuhide’s name. But before he can say anything future, Detective Takagi and Inspector Megure need to speak to Conan because he was a witness to what happened right before Odori (the AD) was poisoned. So Conan is taken away, and Sera asks her question again. When Sonoko replies with Ai Haibara, Sera seems to know who she’s talking about.

Meanwhile, Ai and the other Detective Boys are playing a video game at Professor Agasa’s house. We get the usual sneezing gag with both Mitsuhide and Ai, since people were talking about them. However, instead of simply using this as a gag, it leads to Professor Agasa bringing over what he discovers to be expired cold medicine. He reads off the name of the company that made it, and it was made by the company that Ai’s parents had worked for. We get some backstory for Ai’s parents, although no one is questioning the fact that she blatantly mentions that these events took place 25-30 years ago. Unless the assumption they’re making is that Ai was born as a “late in life” child to her parents. When she tries to get off the subject by saying that the other kids would find it boring, Mitsuhide says he wants to know what happens next.

Back at the murder investigation, Conan watches the footage of when the first death happens, and catches something that he hadn’t noticed before, and he realizes who the guilty party for both deaths have to be. When the makeup artist brings a vehicle around and the crew asks if they can leave, Conan tricks Sonoko away from the group so he can use his usual stun gun watch and voice-changing bowtie trick. Sera picks up on the fact that Conan uses Sonoko instead of Kogoro when he’s not around. “Sonoko” asks Makoto to keep others away from her while she gives her deduction, and he complies… therefore, hampering Sera’s investigation into Conan.

It turns out that the same culprit is responsible for both of the deaths that took place during this three-parter, and something dramatic happens after the revelation as the culprit tries to flee. Both Makoto and Ran get to shine when apprehending the guilty party.

From the information that was presented in previous episodes, the culprit makes sense for both of the deaths. Although the culprit admits that murdering Odori wasn’t part of their original plan. Unfortunately for Odori, he noticed right away what Conan noticed later, and texted the guilty party that he knew they were guilty. Overall, this was an interesting mystery, which also included some important exposition for the overarching storyline of the series.

The preview for the next episode shows that we’re back to a mystery that’s not progressing the overarching story. We’re back to a story that happens in one episode, so we’ll see how it goes. However, I have a feeling it’s not going to be as interesting as the three-parter that we just finished.

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