Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table: Episode 2 – “The Duke of Akiba”

The episode opens with Isuzu talking with a Person of the Land after a performance, and hearing the person of the land gushing over the fact that there is now a duke in Akiba. While they’re talking, it’s revealed that Rudy is serving as an advisor for the People of the Land who are immigrating to Akiba from the rural areas. It seems kind of amusing at first to see Rudy being called reliable in this role, but as we see later, Rudy really seems to have matured since the end of Season 2. Not only that, we see him serving as an advisor to Shiroe and some of the others from the Round Table in order to explain the thought processes of the People of the Land, and he sheds light on why they’re so excited to have a duke.

Admittedly, this episode does have a lot of exposition in it, but it’s necessary in order to set up what’s going to happen. Shiroe and Akatsuki go to visit Regan, and he gives them a history lesson about Yamato, the world that Elder Tale is set in. Through this lesson, they, along with the audience, learn more about Rayneshia’s (aka Lenessia) family, as well as why dukes are looked at as highly as they are.

Later, during a meeting with Shiroe, Henrietta, and other members of some of the guilds, it basically comes out why Eins becoming a duke isn’t necessarily a good thing for Akiba, the guilds, and the Round Table Conference. After talking things over, they come to the conclusion that they have the potential to be screwed.

The wheels begin to be set in motion for Rayneshia’s upcoming marriage. Lord Malves arrives as a messenger, and asks Rayneshia if she could be ready in a week for the marriage. She tries to argue that she has an obligation to Akiba, but Malves argues that now that Eins has been appointed as a duke by the ruling family of Westelande, he can fulfill her duties. We can see that while the People of the Land are excited by the duke, Rayneshia doesn’t look happy at all.

There’s also a conversation between Isaac and Calasin, and Calasin is feeling guilty because he thinks he pushed Eins to make the moves that he has. We learn that Calasin has been helping guild members who have left Honesty, and sending them over to the Black Sword Knights for some training. Calasin insists that he thought the members of Honesty he was helping had really left their guild. At this point, I don’t entirely see how relevant this could be at this point, and it could just be something that’s just being thrown out for the sake of exposition, but it’s not like this series to bring something like this up and not have it be somehow important.

We also get a brief scene of Plant Hwayden, with Indicus talking about the events taking place in Eastal, as well as how their plot with Nureha is going. During this conversation, we get to see just how twisted of a character Indicus is. We even get to see her in a brief flashback from when she was playing the game in the real world, and she definitely looked a little… how should I put this?… crazed. While we saw them a little bit in the second season of Log Horizon, it’s looking like they may play a bigger role as the third season progresses.

The episode basically ends with the first scene of the previous episode, with Eins withdrawing Honesty from the Round Table and declaring that he will found the Government of Akiba. Since this series has the fall of the Round Table in its title, we know that the Round Table is not going to withstand this change. But exactly what will happen remains to be seen.

Like I said earlier, this episode focuses a lot more on exposition than it does on action. However, with the exposition that the audience is given, the groundwork is being laid for the next part of the story to progress.

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