Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode 6 – “The War Hammer Titan”

The episode opens by backtracking to Willy Tybur’s departure to the event. We get to see him saying goodbye to his family, as well as talking with his military escort as they ride in a carriage to the event. At first, I thought this was simply done to remind the audience of what was happening, but when we return to the event, we see Willy Tybur falling into the Founding Titan’s mouth to his death. This made me think that the scenes we saw leading up to this could also represent Willy’s life flashing before his eyes before he dies.

But from here, the situation turns into utter chaos. Willy’s younger sister, who has come to the event, transforms into the War Hammer Titan, and a battle between her and the Founding Titan commences. Their fighting causes both military and civilian casualties as the spectators try to flee. In the chaos, two of the Warrior Candidates are killed (one has a heavy object fall on them, the other is trampled to death by the fleeing audience members). Pieck and Porco are rescued and are working toward joining the battle. It’s interesting to note that we never see either Falco or Reiner in this episode. At this point, all the audience can assume is that they have taken cover in the basement where they had been talking to Eren.

Just as it seems the War Hammer Titan is about to finish off Eren, the Survey Corps arrives. Mikasa seems to take the War Hammer Titan down, and begs Eren to return to Paradis Island. But, it turns out the War Hammer Titan isn’t down for the count, and Eren realizes that something seemed off about this Titan’s transformation. When he realizes what the deal is, he transforms back into the Founding Titan and proceeds with a plan.

I have to say, it was nice to see the Survey Corps again, especially getting to see how much they’ve changed in appearance over the four years that elapsed during the time skip between the third and fourth seasons. Their new looks will take some getting used to, but having them look so different is very realistic, especially when you take into account that most of our main characters weren’t full-grown adults yet at the end of the third season.

At the end of the writeup for the previous episode, I made a mention of how I expected this episode to be exciting and action-packed. There was definitely plenty of action, although “excitement” probably isn’t the right word for what happened here. The tension was high, and the mood was definitely dark when you take into account all the death and destruction that takes place. And this week’s episode ends in such a way that the action and heightened tension will continue into the next episode. But the story is now moving forward in a big way after taking a few episodes to establish Marley and the Warrior Candidates, as well as setting the stage for what’s happening now with Falco’s friendship with “Mr. Krueger.” While I have read this part of the manga before, it’s been quite a while, so I don’t entirely remember what’s going to happen next… so I’m looking forward to next week’s episode in order to get my memory refreshed.

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