Yen Press Announces New Manga and Light Novel Acquisitions

Yen Press has announced several new manga and light novel acquisitions.

The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me (manga)
Available June 2021

Marika Juuno has somehow ended up in a world where only women exist — which she discovers one morning when she sees two girls kissing each other on the way to school.

Farewell to My Alter (manga)
Available June 2021

From beloved yuri mangaka Nio Nakatani comes a new collection of short stories and illustrations.

The Eminence in Shadow (manga)
Available July 2021

There’s only one thing in this world Cid wants to be. And it’s not some bland protagonist or the final boss—he has his eyes set on becoming a mastermind working in the shadows.

I’m the Villainous Daughter, So I’m Keeping the Last Boss
Available July 2021

When Aileen regains her memories of her past life, she realizes she’s doomed. To get out of her situation, she decides to capture the heart of the Demon Lord.

The Maid I Recently Hired is Mysterious (manga)
Available June 2021

I hired a maid who has something about her I just can’t put my finger on. Sure, she looks great and is a fabulous cook, but something about her’s not quite right. What have I gotten myself into?

The Detective is Already Dead
Available June 2021

Kimitsuka Kimihiko was the assistant to a beautiful detective named Siesta — until Siesta died, anyway. Now, Kimitsuka has encountered a girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to his former boss.

Captivated, By You (manga)
Available July 2021

High school relations are moody, quirky, and full of surprises. But most of all, they’re downright captivating.

Spy Classroom
Available July 2021

The world’s greatest spy creates an organization dedicated to tackling missions considered impossible… though it remains to be seen why the seven members of this group all have no experience.

Source: The Fandom Post

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