English Cast Announced for the Motto To Love Ru Anime

The English cast has been announced for the Motto To Love Ru anime:

  • Ry McKeand is Rito
  • Alexis Tipton is Lala
  • Lindsay Sweeney is Ahiko
  • Olivia Swasey is Aya
  • Chris Hutchinson is Buwartz
  • Kailin Coates is Celine
  • Sara Gaston is Haruko
  • Bryn Apprill is Haruna
  • Jay Hickman is Honekawa
  • David Wald is King Deviluke
  • Monica Rial is Kyoko
  • Marissa Lenti is Marron (F), Mikado
  • Josh Morrison is Marron (M)
  • Matthew Kuns is Matome, Ooyoshi
  • Andrew Love is Maur
  • Brittney Karbowski is Mikan
  • Juliet Simmons is Mio
  • Natalie Rial is Momo
  • Allison Sumrall is Nana, Sayaka
  • Melissa Molano is Oshizu
  • Holly Segarra is Peke
  • John Swasey is Principal
  • Greg Ayres is Ren
  • Avery Smithhart is Riko
  • Chaney Moore is Rin
  • Olivia Swasey is Ringo
  • Meg McDonald is Risa
  • Christina Kelly is Run
  • Mark Laskowski is Saibai
  • Maggie Flecknoe is Saki
  • Greg Cote is Saruyama
  • Katelyn Barr is Yami
  • Amber Lee Connors is Yui
  • Mike Haimoto is Yuu
  • Scott Gibbs is Zastin

John Swasey is directing the dub.

Sentai Filmworks will be releasing Motto To Love Ru on Blu-ray Disc on February 16, 2021.

Source: The Fandom Post

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