Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode 5 – “Declaration of War”

There’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode, saying the series contains graphic content, adult themes and violence. I hadn’t seen this kind of a disclaimer on any of the Attack on Titan episodes I’d seen previously, so I wondered what prompted it. All I could see that could have triggered it was a flashback of a Titan eating Eren’s mom, which goes all the way back to the first episode of Season One. Shrug.

Last week’s episode ended with Falco bringing Reiner face-to-face with “Mr. Krueger,” and Reiner recognizing him as Eren. This episode expounds on this reunion, and also focuses on Willy Tybur’s speech to the people. Eren, Falco, and Reiner are in a room that’s below the stage, so they can hear what’s going on. This allowed for easy intertwining of the two portions of the story.

A bit of Tybur’s speech was a history lesson with reenactments. While this may sound boring, it actually wasn’t. While this is going on, Eren has a talk with Reiner and starts asking questions about Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie’s mission at the beginning of the series, in order to better understand why his hometown was attacked and his mother was eaten. I had to feel bad for Falco as the section progressed, because he learned that Eren had used him. You could also see the fear in his eyes, as he realizes what could happen to him if it’s discovered that he aided an enemy of Marley. Poor Falco really is innocent, though, and truly thought he was helping an injured man send mail to his family.

Meanwhile, Tybur reveals that the history that Marley has been taught over the years isn’t entirely accurate. Since the Tybur family inherited the War Hammer Titan, they have learned the truth of the history of the king fleeing to Paradis Island. The looks of shock and confusion on the faces of those assembled really grabbed my attention, because these peoples’ beliefs were suddenly turned upside down. But then, Tybur invokes the name of Eren Jaeger, who has stolen the Founding Titan, and paints him to be an enemy who could unleash Titans on them at any second. This ultimately leads to the dramatic conclusion of the episode.

Even though there was a lot of exposition in this episode, the tension and drama still built up so dramatically to reach the crescendo that the episode ends on. With the way this episode ends, you know the next one is going to have to be exciting and action-packed. War is now here, but it came faster than Willy Tybur ever expected…

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