Case Closed: Episode 993- “Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part One)”

The episode opens with Conan, Ran, Sera, Sonoko, and Makoto watching a film in the movie theater. When I saw what they were watching, I was getting an Avengers vibe from it, with the exception that Kamen Yaiba was in it. And then, I saw the title of the film… The Azengers. In the next scene, we get some dialogue about some blunt dialogue in the movie that Kamen Yaiba was given a cameo in order to help increase their Japanese audience. I had to agree with Ran that the line was laughable.

As the group is walking down the street, they see someone being held hostage and the kidnapper making demands. Makoto, who is a karate champion, jumps into action and takes down the kidnapper. However, it turns out that this was a scene being shot for a television drama, and his rescue attempt has knocked the actor out cold. Well, it turns out the role has the character wearing a helmet, so it really doesn’t matter what they look like, and Makoto is recruited to take on the actor’s role in order to get the shoot finished.

At this point, the groundwork is laid for the mystery that’s about to unfold. We see the main actor and main actress getting into it, with the main actress upset with the actor for the practical jokes he’s been pulling. We later see that the main actor is an egotistical and stuck-up jerk, and we hear through dialogue that he’s a womanizer. There’s also some focus put on one of the ADs, especially with the main actor berating him for a loose nail lying on the ground. When the actor hears Sonoko gushing over Makoto being scouted for a permanent role in the drama, he refers to her as a gold digger. If only the actor knew who she was… LOL! Makoto wants to punch the guy’s lights out, but Sonoko stops him. At this point, I knew something was going to have to happen to the actor.

It’s time to shoot the final scene, which is a stunt shot that takes place from the fourth floor of a building. As Makoto is getting ready to perform the stunt in the fourth story room, we hear that the main actor is frantically looking for a phone. Just as the camera is set up and ready to go, the main actor suddenly falls from the building… and dies on impact. Amazingly, we didn’t get the usual dialogue of Ran being told to call the police, although I suspect she was probably the one who called anyway, since she more than likely has them on speed dial at this point.

Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi arrive to begin their investigation. Of course, both Conan and Sera start getting themselves involved, much to the police’s chagrin. The only thing established at this point is that someone placed the phone the actor was looking for on the fourth story ledge, which he found by using another phone to call it. It seems it was also determined that it could only have been placed there during a lunch break.

Right now, it seems like there are signs pointing to a particular character being the guilty party, but it just feels like that this answer is too easy, especially for a multiple part mystery. I hope that the guilty party isn’t this character, and that there’s some kind of twist involved here.

I just want to add that it was nice to see Sera again, because it’s been a while since she’s appeared in Case Closed. I wish we were seeing more of her in the series.

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