VIZ Media’s Release of the First Season of the Mr. Osomatsu Anime Will Not Include Episode 1

Right Stuf’s listing for VIZ Media’s Blu-ray Disc release for the first season of the Mr. Osomatsu anime states that it will not include the “controversial episode 1” of the anime. The Blu-ray Disc will include episodes 2-25 of the series, and it is scheduled to ship on March 9, 2021.

After the premiere of the series’ first season in October 2015, the staff of the anime announced that the Blu-ray/DVD release for the anime in Japan would not feature the episode. The episode was also removed from various streaming sites in Japan in November 2015, and Crunchyroll also stopped streaming the episode.

In a press conference in October 2015, Yūichi Takahashi of TV Tokyo apologized for the series’ third episode. The episode contained a parody of the Anpanman children’s anime character. The first and second episodes of the show also contained parodies of many other series, such as Attack on Titan, Boys Over Flowers, and Sailor Moon.

Unfortunately, Japan does not have a parody exception or provision in its copyright law. Therefore, making parodies of copyrighted works may illegally violate a copyright owners’ “right to maintain integrity,” if performed without the copyright holder’s prior consent.

Source: ANN

One comment

  1. David Boone (moonhawk81) · 23 Days Ago

    Really makes you miss the days when they could mix it up freely. Or at least pay homage, as in Lucky Star. . .

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