Attack on Titan Final Season: Episode 4 – “From One Hand to Another”

This episode introduces the audience to the Tybur family, and they are the ones who have the War Hammer Titan. The family comes to Marley for a visit, and the head of the family, Willy, says they have the Titan with them (but won’t name who has it). It’s revealed how much the Tyburs actually pull the strings behind the scenes, as well as the fact that the Tyburs plan to reveal a secret at an upcoming gathering in Marley. Before the announcement, though, there will be a festival. As you watch this, the viewer can sense that something doesn’t feel quite right about what’s going to happen. You can’t necessarily put your finger on why you feel that way, but you can just sense it.

We also see Falco meeting with the stranger at the hospital, who we learn has a last name: Kruger. Kruger asks Falco to do some favors for him, which Falco gladly does. After one of their meetings, a man at the hospital comes over and tells Kruger about Falco’s situation. At the same time, the man says his last name is “Jaeger,” and through what he says to Kruger, it’s revealed that this man is Eren and Zeke’s grandfather.

The Tyburs have gathered families from the various warring factions of the world to come together for the upcoming festival. Willy is seen by these families as a savior, so they were willing to come to the land of the people who had been trying to conquer them. To me, this serves as another red flag that something is going to happen.

A scene that really emphasized how much people in this world hate Marley is when one of the Warrior Candidates accidentally spills wine on one of the guests. The woman he spilled the wine on protects him and claims she was clumsy and spilled the drink on herself. When he asks her why she protected him, she says she didn’t know what would happen to him if the truth of the situation came out. This just illustrates how much of a powder keg this situation truly is.

Right near the end of the episode, a bunch of vendors show up and set up tents for the festival. The Warrior Candidates have never experienced a festival before, so it was amusing to see them getting excited and trying the various food. At the end of the festival, we see Gabi comment that it feels like something is about to change.

However, the episode does not end on this note. There is an “after credits” scene that is VERY IMPORTANT, so be sure to watch it. If you don’t watch this scene, you’ll be confused by the next episode. All I will say here is that some crucial information is revealed in this “after credits” scene, and it’s going to help set this season in motion.

If I’m seeing things correctly, it looks like Attack on Titan Final Season is taking a week off. If this is accurate, then hoo boy… what a way to end the episode and leave the audience hanging for two weeks. But even if there isn’t this week off, it’s still quite a way to end the episode and leave the audience hanging for a week.

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