Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 13 – “The Delicious Feudal Monks”

At the beginning of this episode, we are introduced to the fourth and final Peril, Totetsu. He eats virtuous monks or monks with great power. The Demon Slayers are called in to protect the monks in the area. Kohaku assigns Hisui, Setsuna, and Towa to protect Miroku. We learn that Hisui has some strong negative opinions about his father, but is going to go protect him because his uncle told him to.

Before the three of them make it to where Miroku is, we see Sango praying at a memorial near their home. One of the twins approaches Sango and tells her she’s going to visit Miroku and asks her mother if she has any messages to pass on to him. It’s interesting to note that we never see the other twin, and that the memorial is focused on in one of the final shots of the episode, when Hisui goes to visit his mother. My guess is that the memorial is for the daughter we didn’t see in this episode. And with a comment Miroku makes during this episode about a fight against a strong demon that led him to go on this 1,000-day training makes me think this event Miroku talks about and the memorial by the house are somehow connected. This is now another unanswered mystery that is thrown out there for the audience, which adds to the other ones that are still out there.

When Hisui introduces Towa and Setsuna, Miroku recognizes Setsuna. However, Setsuna doesn’t seem to remember who he is. At first, I thought this could be attributed to the Dream Butterfly, but later in the episode, it’s revealed that she does remember who he is. She didn’t at first because he looked different. For me, Miroku’s longer hair definitely took some getting used to.

Totetsu’s rainbow pearl picks up on Miroku’s power, so he becomes the next target to be eaten. At first, it seems like Miroku is running away, but we later see that isn’t the case, and that father and son try to work together to bring down Totetsu. Unfortunately, their attempt doesn’t work, but it shows Hisui that his father isn’t the coward that he thought he was.

It’s during this battle that something important about Setsuna is revealed, as well as the connection that Setsuna and Miroku have. We learn that Setsuna has the same problem Inuyasha had when he would transform into a demon while training. Miroku has put a seal on her to control that, but he ends up releasing it temporarily so Setsuna can chase away Totetsu. Since Miroku traveled with Inuyasha all that time in the original series, he would, of course, know all about it. I find it interesting that each of the twins inherits one of the issues that Inuyasha had because he was a half-demon. Towa’s was revealed in last week’s episode, and Setsuna’s was revealed in this episode.

Moroha only had a bit part in this week’s episode. She was assigned to watch over another monk, and would have gotten the bounty if she got the head of Totetsu. As we see in the episode, Totetsu goes right over that temple and completely ignores the monk inside. The only other appearance she gets is right at the end, when Takechiyo arrives and tells her that Totetsu was chased away and that the bounty is off. I know that Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is the twins’ story, but I feel like Moroha has been getting shafted a bit recently. Early on, she seemed to be more of an integral character, but at this point, it feels like she’s being treated more like comic relief than the important character that she was originally appearing to be. I hope that Moroha is utilized more and treated more like an important character in future episodes of the series.

I was glad to finally see Miroku and Sango, but I hope that soon, we’ll get a more concrete answer about what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome. The one brief flashback in an earlier episode gave us a hint, but the audience still doesn’t truly know what happened to them.

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