Kimagure Orange Road The TV Series Collection is a five-disc set with all 48 episodes of the series included. The release only has Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Kimagure Orange Road The TV Series Collection
English Publisher: Discotek Media
Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: March 26, 2019

The main character of the series is Kyosuke Kasuga, a teenager in his final year of junior high. He and his twin sisters have supernatural powers, and they are forbidden from using their powers in public. The siblings live with their father, who is a photographer, as well as their cat, Jingoro. At the beginning of the series, the family has just moved into a new home after their powers had been discovered for the seventh time.

After starting at his new school, Kyosuke finds himself in a love triangle with Madoka Ayukawa (a beautiful delinquent who’s in his class) and Hikaru Hiyama (a childish girl who is in the same class as Kyosuke’s twin sisters). The love triangle is later made a little messier with the introduction of Yusaku Hino, who is childhood friends with both Madoka and Hikaru. He has feelings for Hikaru, but she is basically oblivious to them.

During the first half of the series, the emphasis is placed on Kyosuke trying not to use his power. Unfortunately, he does use it on occasion, but tries to be very discreet about it. However, at the halfway point, we are introduced to Kyosuke’s five-year-old cousin, Kazuya, who has telepathic ability. At this point, we see Kyosuke using his powers more. While people don’t figure this out, the use of his powers fuels some of the hijinks that Kyosuke endures during the second half of the series. This includes hypnotizing himself and “time slipping” (a kind of time travel).

There’s an interesting concept going into this anime, but it did get a little frustrating how the emphasis on the powers went from trying to not use the power to relying on them as a plot device in order to make stories happen. Something else I noticed about the second half is how the love triangle became less interesting. It became very obvious to the viewer that Kyosuke’s feelings were for Madoka, so more of the stories involved Hikaru walking in on the two of them, misunderstanding the situation, and becoming upset.

I give Kimagure Orange Road credit for the fact that it became an influential anime, especially for the romantic comedy genre. It isn’t a bad anime, but it just didn’t quite the reach the potential that it could have. Even with its faults, I would still recommend that anime viewers expose themselves to this property for its historical importance and to see how it inspired the romantic comedy anime that followed in its footsteps.

The Blu-ray video for this set has 1.33.1 4:3 / 1080p High Definition, while the audio is Japanese Linear PCM 2.0 (Dual Mono). I had no complaints about either the video quality or the audio quality.

The first four discs in the set have ten episodes and one bonus feature (translation notes), and the fifth disc includes eight episodes and the remaining bonus features. The translation notes that appear on each disc seem to be taken from the cards that would have been packaged with AnimEigo’s earlier release of the Kimagure Orange Road anime. The translations notes correspond with the episodes that appear on each disc. There’s a lot to read, but there’s also a lot of interesting facts and trivia included here. I know I learned a lot about this series by reading these notes.

The fifth disc also includes clean versions of all three openings and all three endings. There’s also a collection of TV Broadcast Promos, which ran for about six minutes. Unfortunately, there were quite a few that were very similar (with only minor changes to text or narration), so this feature became monotonous as it went on.

There is also Music Collection OVA: “Their Love Repertory.” This is basically a roughly half-hour feature that takes the various openings, endings, and insert songs and creates “music videos” for each one with footage from the show. However, it was obvious that not all of the songs appeared in their entirety. Some had definitely been edited to be shorter. To be honest, this is a bonus feature that I will likely never watch again. It simply didn’t keep my interest.

The final bonus feature is a Design Works Gallery, which includes promotional art and character model sheets for Kimagure Orange Road. This is a gallery where the viewer uses their remote to flip through the various pieces of art in the gallery.

I would definitely recommend Kimagure Orange Road The TV Series Collection to viewers who are fans of the series and want to add this classic title to their anime home video library.

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