Case Closed: Episode 992 – “Murder at the Townhouse Café”

This episode begins with Sonoko talking up a cafe to Ran and Conan that specializes in donuts, especially donuts that are supposed be to low-fat. This isn’t surprising when it comes to Sonoko, since she’s all about new and trendy things. When they get there, they admire the cafe’s yard. They meet the manager, who gives credit to his part-time employee for taking care of the yard.

After Sonoko, Ran, and Conan place their order, they notice that for a trendy place, there’s very few customers. There are two other customers in the cafe besides them, and they’re both acting suspiciously. When the part-time employee comes out, Conan notices something unusual about his uniform. When this scene showed up, I knew that somehow, this observation would fit in with the mystery that was about to unfold.

One of the suspicious men in the cafe goes to the bathroom and discovers the manager lying on the floor in the bathroom, and he was obviously attacked by a mop lying nearby. Ran is asked to call the police and the hospital. With how often she gets asked to do this, I’m sure that she must have those numbers on speed dial.

When Inspector Megure and his team arrive, they interview everyone in the cafe and start piecing together who they think the guilty party was. It was obviously wrong, though, because it was the “too easy” answer. And when you factor in the thing that Conan noticed about the part-time employee earlier in the episode, I knew that the culprit had to be that person. However, I just needed the explanation as to how this individual pulled off the crime.

It’s right after the halfway point of the episode when the police are about to take the wrong person into custody. Conan uses his dart gun watch to knock out Sonoko, and then use the voice-changing bowtie to start revealing the information the police need in order to apprehend the correct suspect. Since this happened right after the halfway point, it takes a little more time for Conan (through Sonoko) to get across the information, which includes having Inspector Takagi recreating how the events had to unfold in order for the culprit to pull off the attack.

Ultimately, this one-part “murder mystery” (when you see the ending, you’ll understand why I’m using quotation marks here) wasn’t terribly interesting to watch. The audience is given a clue before the crime even happens that it sticks out like a sore thumb. When the crime happened, I knew who had to be guilty. The only mystery was trying to figure out how the culprit pulled it off. Generally speaking from my experience watching Case Closed over the years, the one-part murder mysteries tend to not be as interesting as the mysteries that span more than one episode. There’s not enough time to build anything up, and usually Conan is able to piece things together quickly in order to finish the story. There’s usually not as much suspense to keep things interesting for the viewer.

Oh well. Hopefully the next episode will be more interesting.

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