Konton, one of the Four Perils, summons Nikosen. Nikosen was once a sage before evil consumed his soul and transformed him into a demon. Konton wants him to confront the three half-demon girls and get their Rainbow Pearls. Konton is quite offended that half-demons are in possession of the pearls.

Kohaku summons Setsuna and Towa, and gives them an order to go after Nikosen, who has sucked a lot of nutrients out of a mountain in order to make his presence known. Setsuna and Towa take Kirara and ride on her back to get to the mountain. It was nice to see Kirara utilized in this manner, and it brought back memories from the original Inuyahsa anime of Kagome and the others riding on Kirara.

When they get there, they see that Moroha is also there, looking for Nikosen. Is this going to become a typical plot point in this series? Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha are brought together to fight against the “monster of the week” because of getting an order (in Setsuna and Towa’s case) or trying to get a bounty (Moroha’s motivation)?

As the girls get close to Nikosen, it’s revealed that Towa is unable to sense Nikosen’s demon energy. Setsuna also notices that her heart rate has gone up while climbing the mountain, which is unusual. Later, when Towa’s hair turns black and becomes longer, the audience members who are familiar with Inuyasha will recognize that they are in the middle of a New Moon. This is another throwback to Inuyasha. But even though Setsuna and Towa share the same blood, Setsuna isn’t affected by this issue. I won’t reveal the reason for this, but I think it can be figured out if you’ve seen enough of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.

I really can’t go into too much more detail in order to avoid spoilers, but obviously Nikosen (this week’s monster of the week) is defeated. Viewers who are familiar with Inuyasha can probably guess what ultimately happens with Towa. But, the sad thing is, even though Towa is the character referenced in the title, she barely seems relevant for most of it. While I understand the explanation about the New Moon and how some half-demons lose their power during that particular time period is needed for anyone new to the franchise, it was boring for those of us already familiar with Inuyasha.

Also, I have to add that Nikosen is a rather forgettable “monster of the week.” To be honest, I thought that overall, this episode was the most uninteresting one I have seen in this series up to this point. In fact, the most interesting part of this episode for me was the preview for the next one. The visuals seem to suggest that we will see a couple of cast members from the original Inuyasha anime. It’ll be interesting to see whether these hints lead to a substantial appearance from these characters or if the audience is simply being teased by making these appearances seem like they’re going to be more important than they really are.

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