Manga Planet Announces Five New Manga Licenses

Manga Planet has announced five new manga licenses, all of which are isekai titles from Hobby JAPAN. While no specific release dates have been announced, all five titles are scheduled to be released sometime in 2021.

Story: Hobby JAPAN / Art: Kenji Mizuta

This may seem just like baseball, but when you can switch out the bats for weapons and the balls for bullets, is it even still just a “game”? When idol Yuki Tengoku accidentally throws an unbelievable pitch, she gets invited to play for the lowest-ranked Death Ball, team Dangerous. But when she’s dropped right into a game where nothing is off-limits, everyone has superpowers and special moves, and any wrong move could lose her uniform – is her uncontrollable hard fastball “Titanic” enough to keep her afloat?

Kouichi desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita
Story: Hiroyuki Kagami / Art: Rika Kamiyoshi / Character Design: Goban

Hiroto Kiyokawa is a completely ordinary high school freshman – but that’s until he gets sucked into another world by the power of a mysterious old map. As the so-called Diferente – a savior from another world – the lord who summoned him commands him to rid their world of vampires. But Hiroto chooses another option – he plans to start a country where different races like vampires and mummies can coexist.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetika
Story: Tetsuto Uesu / Art: Haiji Nakasone / Character Design: Tamago no Kimi

In a world where teenagers are often sucked into other worlds regularly, there is an international organization called BABEL, which trains and teaches returnees to control the magic they have brought back from different worlds. Two of their young students, returning from the world Alayzard, are brother and sister Akatsuki and Miu Osawa. There are only some little problems here – they aren’t actually related, Miu is the daughter of Alayzard’s Dark Lord, and Akatsuki doesn’t have magic.

Jouhai Shogun, Mata Yabureru
Story: Shinkuro Houjo / Art: Tsuyoshi Watanabe / Character Design: Souichi Itou

For her first battle, Tina, the young daughter of the world’s strongest knights, the Knights of Vassamund, is to fight for the kingdom of Heiminal. Here she comes across the infamous legendary mercenary Du Darkas. Although he may have fought opposite her own father and brother in the past, surely there is something she can learn from fighting alongside him – but is there anything worth learning from someone who has lost every battle he’s fought?

Ayakashi Convenience
Story and Art: Yukio Hirai

After the death of her grandmother, Akari moves from Tokyo to stay with her widowed grandfather. She takes up a part-time job in the convenience store “Ayahashi,” sitting right on the town’s border and the mountains. There’s just one problem – when night falls, not all of the customers arriving are human.

Source: The Fandom Post

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