The episode begins with a brief recap of last week’s episode. It was long enough to convey the important information, but short enough that it didn’t feel like overkill. Instead of going to the opening credits, though, we first get a scene of Fusaya getting ready for a job interview. As he does, he has alternating memories of his father… both the positive ones from when he was a kid to more recent times, with his father asking him sternly where he was going. In the final shot of these memories, his father is smiling and looks as if he’s about to laugh. When we return to Fusaya, we see him dressed up in a suit and taking out his earring. He says something to to the effect of, “Don’t laugh at me, Dad. I’m serious about this.” I thought this was a touching scene, but when I saw it, I didn’t truly realize the implications this would have later.

After the opening, Kogoro decides that he and Conan need to return to the Oide family residence to see if they can gather more information. As they arrive in the area, they encounter Fusaya, who is headed to his job interview. This was one of those moments where Kogoro actually shows a sense of empathy for his client. It was nice seeing Kogoro encouraging Fusaya to focus on his interview and to let him focus on finding his father’s killer.

At the house, when Kogoro and Conan go over what they’ve learned, they both jump to a couple of conclusions that could have potentially worked. From talking with Fusaya’s sister and mother at the hospital, they learn that the mysterious woman they saw in the previous episode is an old classmate of Fusaya’s sister. When they see her business card and discover that the woman’s occupation fits in with a potential scenario they came up with, Kogoro decides to go question the woman. As we see, this woman was actually a red herring. It turns out that she was just a suspicious woman… and a bitchy one at that.

Conan picks up some information from Fusaya’s sister after Kogoro leaves to question the mysterious woman, and then later overhears something at the hospital that makes him decide to go to the police station and talk to the detective overseeing case. Of course, since Conan is a kid, he has to lie and say that Kogoro asked him to come and look at the autopsy. I liked the realistic reaction of the detective here. While he agrees to let Conan look at it, he doubts that this kid will understand what it says. Conan picks up some very important information, which gives him the final pieces of the puzzle that he needs.

Disguising his voice, he calls Fusaya, who has just told his mother and sister that he got the job that he interviewed for. Fusaya is told to come to the house, because the real culprit has been found. Of course, we get the usual “Sleeping Kogoro” trick for Conan to finally reveal the truth. While I won’t outright say the answer, what I will say is that the truth is tragic. Even though the title for this arc basically tells the viewer that there’s tragedy involved, it doesn’t convey just how tragic it ultimately is.

I was impressed with this overall arc. Even though Fusaya and his family were just introduced in the previous episode, the way this episode was written made the audience care about this case and the tragic answer to the mystery. Well done!

From the preview, it looks like the next episode will be a single episode murder mystery. After this two-parter, though, I have a feeling that this next episode is going to feel pale in comparison to this one.

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