Haikyu!! To The Top: Episode 24 – “Monsters’ Ball”

I knew it was going to be an intense episode when it went right into the opening credits instead of showing a piece of the episode before moving to the opening credits. But, whew! I never imagined how intense it was going to get!

After the opening credits, we actually backtrack to show Hinata saving the ball with his foot and helping Karasuno score a crucial point. But once we make it into new material for the episode, the intensity level starts to build rather quickly.

I’m not sure how much more I can say without providing spoilers, you know? I guess what I can say is that the scales keep tipping back and forth, and the set keeps riding a fine line where it could be anyone’s game, really. Emotions ran high for me as a viewer, because one minute there would be a sense of euphoria as it looked like Karasuno would break through and win, but then a huge sense of disappointment as Inarizaki would block the momentum.

But that final play… OMG, it was a nail-biter! The way the anime depicted the action and tension of that final play, it was incredible! I know I commented in a previous season that it was the most intense play I’d ever seen. I can easily say at this point that the tension of this final play beats out the final play of that previous season.

I’m glad to see that the season still has one more episode to go, because we’re going to need that breather next week after how high the tension and emotions ran in this episode. I loved this episode, but I’m also looking forward to a calming episode next week.

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