Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 11 – “Curse of the Man-Eating Pond”

The episode opens with Setsuna, Towa, and Moroha near a pond, and Moroha using a cookstove, frying pan, and pancake mix to make pancakes. She stuffs three pancakes into her mouth and starts choking. As she runs toward a nearby pond, Towa notices that it’s filthy and stops her. When Towa isn’t looking, Moroha sees a bird get swallowed up by the pond. Moroha tries to communicate this to the others, but they just brush her off as simply being noisy. This scene definitely made up a lot of the humor that appeared in this episode. The only exception is a scene with Moroha when she’s cleaning Jyubei’s place. Takechiyo provides some exaggerated humor during this scene. After this scene, though, the tone of the episode becomes more serious and pretty much stays that way.

Setsuna and Towa meet with Hisui and Kohaku, and learn that there’s a demon in the pond they were just at, and how it eats up anything that comes near it. So, these two head back to the pond. They encounter a pair of siblings named Hikomaru and Chiyo, and Hikomaru wants to avenge the pond for swallowing their parents. Towa and Setsuna intervene, and take the children back home. In this scene, we see how Towa’s growing up with Mei helps her with Chiyo (the younger sister). However, her experience with the forest fire when she was small causes her to snap at Hikomaru for letting go of his sister’s hand. I know the experience of being separated from Setsuna in the forest fire has affected Towa emotionally, but I think she may have been a little too harsh with Hikomaru. She made the kid cry.

OK, this might be a nitpick here, but I can’t believe Towa decided to potentially mess with the space-time continuum when she uses an adhesive bandage from the modern world to take care of the scrape on Chiyo’s knee. While we had the scene at the beginning with Moroha making pancakes, at least no one saw her doing it (as far as we know). I know Towa uses modern day snacks to bribe Takechiyo, but again, it’s limited to someone within their circle. But then again, for whatever reason, Setsuna has her violin with her during this episode. It turns out the kids’ father played the biwa, and was playing it when he was swallowed by the pond, and the violin makes the kids think of the biwa. They better hope those kids and their grandmother stay quiet about these unusual things, because who knows what effect this could have on the space-time continuum?

But, the scene at the kids’ house is important, because the grandmother ends up telling Setsuna and Towa some things that become important when they fight the demon… or should I say, demons… inhabiting the pond. All I’m going to say beyond this is that it has to take the combined effort of Towa and Setsuna to defeat the demons in the pond.

While I did enjoy this episode overall, it felt like it really didn’t do much, if anything, to truly advance the overarching story. From reports, there are supposed to be 24 episodes. If this is intended as a one season series, then they’re going to have to start picking up the pace to answer the various questions hanging out there. But with the way the story is progressing at this point, I have a suspicion that there could be more than one season of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon in the works. If so, then the pacing of the story makes sense. However, since there’s nothing out there to confirm that there’s going to be more than one season, I’m having to judge this by the 24 episodes that we know are going to exist. Next week is the halfway point of these 24 episodes, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more notable progression sooner rather than later.

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