Case Closed: Episode 990 – “The Automatic Tragedy (Part One)”

The episode begins with Conan finding a young man standing outside the Mori Detective Agency. He asks the young man if he has business with the agency, and brings him inside. We learn the young man is named Fusaya Oide. When he shows a story about a robbery and murder case to Kogoro on his phone, Conan is able to rattle off a lot of the details about the case. Why am I not surprised that Conan keeps up with the news of various crimes going on in the area? Basically, the murdered man is Fusaya’s father, and he’s come to Kogoro for help to find his father’s murderer.

As they head toward the Oide residence, they see Fusaya’s mother and sister out handing flyers, trying to gather any information they can about the murder. Fusaya’s mother collapses as they’re pulling up, and she’s taken to the hospital for exhaustion. At the same time, there’s a strange woman watching that Conan notices. When she made this appearance, I found myself wondering if she’s going to play an important part or if she’s going to turn out to be a red herring.

Later, when Kogoro and Conan meet up with Fusaya at the house, Conan notices that a door inside the house looked newer and asks questions about it. Even though the lock on the front door looked like it had been picked, Conan thinks there’s a connection with the new door and the chance that someone could have made a spare key. After some investigation, it turns out Conan’s hunch was right.

When they find a potential culprit, it was around halfway through the episode. Knowing that this is a multiple-part episode, I knew that they hadn’t solved the case yet. It turns out the culprit they found committed the robbery, but they didn’t murder Fusaya’s father.

Near the end of the episode, we see Kogoro and Conan talking with Fusaya’s mother and sister at the hospital. As Conan points out afterward, they learned more than they realized initially, thanks to answers from Fusaya’s sister and mother.

The preview shows that the mystery woman will be talking with Kogoro and Conan, so it’ll be interesting to hear what she has to say and how she fits in with this mystery. I’m curious to find out just how Conan (because, let’s be honest, it’s going to be Conan solving this and not Kogoro) pieces everything together and determines who the real killer is.

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