The episode opens with Ayumi giving narration that explains the setup for this week’s episode. We see images from her illustrated diary that’s referenced in the title, and the drawings were done in a way to look like how a young child would draw. During the episode, Ayumi provides narration to help transition between scenes, and every time her narration is accompanied by more images from her illustrated diary. I was highly amused by the first entry, though, because Ayumi gives us a date on it… Saturday, December 5. I looked at my computer screen and realized… that was today’s date, which corresponds with the date that the episode aired in Japan. Very clever and amusing!

Early on in the episode, Ayumi and the other kids are talking about doing illustrated diaries, with Ayumi wondering how to best do one. Conan gives her some helpful advice, which she uses. However, it’s never quite made clear if the illustrated diaries are an assignment from school, or if this is just something they’re doing on their own. That’s one piece of information I wish I had, because of what happens in the episode and how the illustrated diary plays into it, it would have been cool for this to have been a homework assignment.

But as for the actual story of the episode, a local jeweler gets an extremely rare watch and begins displaying it in his storefront. The kids overhear the courier talking with a couple of the other local business owners who are gawking at the watch. When Ai does some research on the watch, the kids feel that this watch could be a target for theft. Conan and the other Detective Boys start watching for anything out of the ordinary as they walk by the store every day before and after school.

At one point, Takagi is out and about, handing out flyers to the business owners in the area because of an increase of burglary incidents. Conan and the others run into him, and they all see the owner of the jewelry store. Takagi, the kids, and the audience find out about the jewelry store’s security. A short while after this, the coffee store next door to the jeweler is undergoing renovations. Conan and the kids, of course, suspect that this could be a cover for a robbery attempt.

I can’t really go into too much more detail without providing spoilers, but I will say that near the end of the episode, Ayumi shares her illustrated diary with Conan and he notices a couple of things in her diary that finally click everything into place for him. He figures out who the potential thief is, and the kids manage to catch them in the act. While Conan learns an important piece of information through a phone call, I’m still left wondering how they knew exactly what day and time they needed to be in the area in order to catch the thief. To me, that’s the biggest plot hole of this story.

I though that “The Case of Ayumi’s Illustrated Diary” had an interesting story, and that the execution with the illustrated diary was a nice touch, but that plot hole right at the end is an issue. I just have a hard time using my willing suspension of disbelief with this particular plot hole.

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