Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 9 – “Meifuku, the Meioju”

This episode begins with Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna visiting Jyubei. He has a job with a very high bounty, and Moroha eagerly accepts. Towa and Setsuna decline to accompany her, though, because they feel that demon slaying and bounty hunting are two separate things. Moroha feels affronted and leaves, although her taunt at her cousins is amusing because it doesn’t work (“Your mother is a human!”). As Setsuna points out, Moroha’s mother is a human, too. LOL!

When Towa once again asks about the dream butterfly, Jyubei tells her he doesn’t have any information. However, if she puts out a bounty on the dream butterfly, she might be able to get more information. When Towa asks how much she would have to pay, Jyubei conveniently tells her it’s the exact same amount as the bounty on the job that he just gave to Moroha. Of course, Towa decides to go help Moroha, and Setsuna comes along. Why do I have a feeling that Jyubei purposefully set the price at exactly the same amount as the bounty in order to encourage all three girls to work together?

When the girls find the bounty, it turns out it’s Konton, one of the Four Perils. He’s stronger than they anticipate, and the girls find some unexpected help from a Meioju named Meifuku. He looks like a little kid, but we learn he’s already 50 years old. Konton killed Meifuku’s father, took his father’s shell, removed the demon energy, and fashioned it into armor that cannot be pierced. We also get a brief appearance by Myoga, who imparts some important information to Moroha before he scuttles away in order to avoid being in the middle of danger. At least Myoga hasn’t changed since the original Inuyasha anime.

The rest of the episode sees our three protagonists and Meifuku taking on Konton, with Moroha trying to help Meifuku find the courage he needs in order to face Konton. Towa plays an important part in this battle, and Meifuku is able to get his father’s shell back in order to give him a proper burial. Unfortunately, Konton manages to get away, and it’s made clear in the final scene that we haven’t seen the last of him.

All in all, this was a decent episode, but we didn’t get anything to help advance the loose threads that are hanging out there. This episode seems like it was more here to establish Konton as an enemy they’ll be up against in the future, as well as tying Towa’s mission of finding the Dream Butterfly with Moroha’s bounty hunting. Basically, this was the way to weave these two things together, and make it where the three girls will basically have to work as a team in order to achieve their particular goals.

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