Amazing Nurse Nanako is a six-episode OVA series that was released in Japan between July 5, 1999 and April 7, 2000. The anime was directed by Yasuhiro Kurdo and was produced by RADIX. Pioneer Entertainment held the North American rights for the series from 2000-2007. Since Geneon Entertainment (which had acquired Pioneer Entertainment during this time period) closed in 2007, no one has held the North American license for Amazing Nurse Nanako.

The protagonist of the series is Nanako Shichigusa, a very buxom and flighty 16-year-old girl who works as a maid at Dr. Kyogi Ogami’s hospital. Nanako tends to do things wrong and is very clumsy. Ogami usually treats Nanako in a cruel manner, such as yelling at her, threatening her, and subjecting her to physical abuse. However, during the climax of each episode, Ogami rescues Nanako from whatever predicament she’s managed to get herself into over the course of the story. A lot of the series revolves around Nanako and Ogami’s relationship. Amazing Nurse Nanako also has a plot that includes the American military, the Catholic church, and science fiction experiments.

Nanako is a cyborg experiment conducted by Dr. Ogami; however, she became too strong and his plan failed. It turns out the Nanako we meet in the series is the third clone of the original Nanako, who died at the age of 20 from a mysterious illness. So far, the previous two Nanako clones have died of the same mysterious illness at age 20. Dr. Ogami has made it his goal to try to cure the “Nanako illness.” It also turns out that the Pentagon and the Vatican are trying to resurrect Jesus for the Second Coming, and it has been decided that Nanako will be the one to undergo an operation to give birth to the new Jesus. However, Nanako is not aware that she is a subject for this experiment.

This series combines elements of humor, science fiction, and ecchi… unfortunately, it doesn’t really combine these elements well. And while the description above makes it sound like there’s a strong storyline in this series, this storyline only truly appears in the first, fifth, and sixth episodes. The other three episodes do tease out some backstory for Nanako and Ogami, but they primarily focus on filler.

Unfortunately, most of the series puts more emphasis on fanservice than on the actual story. The animators utilize as many opportunities as possible to make female characters’ breasts jiggle, as well as either having Nanako in revealing clothing or wearing nothing at all. I think there was potential for a decent story here, but the writers ultimately decided to make the story secondary to the fanservice.

To be honest, I found Nanako to be an annoying protagonist. She spent a lot of her screen time crying, whining, and yelling. It didn’t help that I watched the English dub of Amazing Nurse Nanako, and the English dub actress for this character just overdid it. To be honest, I only recognized one of the English dub actors’ names when I saw the credits, and this was the only person who seems to have continued going in anime voice acting. And of all the voice actors in this English dub, this particular voice actor was the best of the group, so I’m glad to see they had a career that flourished after this abomination.

I also hated Ogami. He was always abusive to Nanako in some way, shape, or form… and it was being played for laughs. This. Is. Not. OK. And speaking of the comedy in this series, I have to say that I thought the humor fell flat and it just wasn’t funny.

To sum it up, I have to say that Amazing Nurse Nanako was anything but amazing. Instead, it was a flaming pile of crap. If you’re a fan of ecchi, you might find something to enjoy about this series. If not, then avoid this anime like the plague.

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