Tokyopop Expands Trade Distribution With IPG

Independent Publishers Group (IPG) is pleased to announce their partnership with TOKYOPOP, the publishing arm of POP Media Holdings and the company that established the market for manga in North America, introducing the term to the English language.

“IPG is one of the leading book distribution companies, which not only boasts a rich 50 year history, but at the same time is very innovative, utilizing advanced data collection and reporting methodology,” said TOKYOPOP CEO Stu Levy. “We expect to expand not only our retail network, but also direct-to-consumer initiatives, digital publishing, and print-on-demand services. Coming out of 2020 and the repercussions of the global COVID pandemic, we believe 2021 is going to be an exciting year!”

Over its history, TOKYOPOP has published thousands of books, distributed anime and Asian films on home video and television, licensed merchandise to consumer goods companies, created graphic novels of major brands, and led the way digitally in social media, e-commerce, and user-generated content.

A part of this joint distribution includes TOKYOPOP’s 2021 launch of the new Resident Evil manga and graphic novels line, both digitally and in print, across multiple formats. Laughing Under the Clouds, a highly rated fantasy manga series set in ancient Japan, will also release in early 2021. Additionally, new Disney Manga titles with TOKYOPOP include an upcoming original The Nightmare Before Christmas story to follow up with its The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey series; a brand-new Descendants story; Stitch and the Samurai, a crossover between an ancient Japanese samurai story and the popular Disney character Stitch; and a color version of its classic Beauty and the Beast manga series. Its LOVE x LOVE imprint will feature the following new highlights: This Wonderful Season With You, from the author of Dekoboko Sugar Days, now on its third printing; Still Sick, the final volume of TOKYOPOP’s bestselling Girls Love series; and Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, an LGBTQ+ boys’ love title about traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures.

TOKYOPOP has global recognition with a network of over 160 partners in more than 50 countries and 30 languages. Its production arm has produced live-action and animated film and television content based on its extensive intellectual property library, including Priest, America’s Greatest Otaku, Van Von Hunter, Riding Shotgun, and a slate of projects currently in development.

“IPG is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent a long established and well-respected publisher such as TOKYOPOP,” said Alex Kampmann, VP, Business Development. “Through this exciting new partnership we expect to significantly increase TOKYOPOP’s reach in the global marketplace and that more TOKYOPOP books will find their way into the hands of more readers.”

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