Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 7 – “Meeting through an Apple”

At the beginning of the episode, we see Towa being trained with the demon slayers, and it’s shown that she’s starting to get better at sensing demon energy. While Towa is beginning to acclimate to life in the feudal era, it’s also made clear that she’s still holding the memories of her time spent in the modern era close to her. For their next demon slayer mission, Setsuna decides to leave Towa behind. When Towa wakes up and discovers that she was left behind, she decides to continue her mission of finding the dream butterfly.

The antagonist of the episode is also established early on: Kyuki, one of the four perils serving Kirinmaru. In a conversation Kyuki has with Kirinmaru about the three main characters defeating Tokotsu, it’s made clear that Kirinmaru doesn’t really care for his subordinates outside of their strength. He actually has to ask who Tokotsu was, and had to be reminded that this character was one of the four Perils. However, Kyuki doesn’t seem to pick up on this lack of loyalty to subordinates… or if they do, they’re ignoring this fact. Kyuki says they have a plan in place to take care of Towa and Setsuna.

While Towa is out, she encounters a pirate named Riku, who claims he’s lost and was washed ashore by the sea. Towa really doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and Riku forces Towa to help him after she says she smells the ocean. They reach a nearby river, which Riku concedes could help lead him to the sea. He notices Towa’s katana, the Kikujomonji. She says it was a fake because it broke so easily. Riku uses an earring to summon someone to come get him, but leaves a “gift” for Towa… the real Kikujomonji, which he stole from Ogigayatsu Hiiragi, the Deputy Shogun of Kanto. As Riku departs, Towa is caught by Hiiragi’s men and advisor, and she is taken to the shogun himself.

If you’ve seen the first episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, then at this point, you would recognize that this is the setup for the scenes that led into the flashback story. Episode Seven finally takes us back to what we saw in the first episode, and we get to see what happens to both Towa and to Setsuna and Moroha and the events that led up to what we saw in Episode One. I really liked getting to see Moroha and Setsuna’s events, since they just kind of appeared out of nowhere near the end of the first episode in order to rescue Towa. But, it should also be pointed out that the scenes with Towa at the Shogun’s home have been extended out and showing important scenes that weren’t seen before, with these scenes showing how much Towa’s ability to sense demon energy is improving.

Episode Seven ends the exact same way Episode One did, and the preview shows that Episode Eight will finally progress the story past that point. It’s clear from the preview that Kyuki will still be the antagonist, and it appears that Kyuki will be using a technique to get into the three girls’ memories. That plot point could certainly be interesting, and might perhaps even start providing the audience more clues as to what may have happened to at least a couple of the characters from the original Inuyasha anime.

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