Case Closed: Episode 988 – “The Feuding Girls”

This episode sees Ran, Conan, and Sonoko going to the Beika Mall for a big event. There’s a lot of limited edition items that will be made available, and Sonoko wants to get what she can. But before anything happens, Conan is knocked down and scrapes his knee. It turns out a bigwig at the mall knows Sonoko’s father and he takes care of Sonoko and her guests. They’re taken to a “backstage” area, where they overhear four “idol girls” they saw promoting a seal toy arguing. At one point, the argument sees one of the seal toys thrown across the room, and it knocks over Ran’s coffee cup. During the argument, a girl named Ayaka stands out because she was acting like a conceited prima donna. As I saw her in action, I found myself thinking, “She’s going to die, isn’t she?”

And sure enough, while Sonoko and the others are standing in line, they hear a scream. Conan checks it out, and finds that one of the idol girls let out a scream because she found a motionless Ayaka on the ground. Conan determines that she’s dead, and as usual, has Ran call the police to investigate.

The rest of the episode focuses on the investigation. We get the usual interviews with potential suspects, and of course, Conan goes wandering off to investigate the crime scene on his own. During his investigation, thanks to something that happens with Ran with she comes to get him, Conan discovers a couple of clues. However, he doesn’t find the final clue until he makes a second trip to the murder scene because something just wasn’t quite adding up to him since the three other idols all have alibis.

Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi believe they’ve figured out the crime are about to take someone to the station, but Conan uses his bowtie trick on Sonoko and manages to reveal the truth about the crime. It definitely wasn’t what it appeared on the surface, so it made for a somewhat interesting twist to the mystery. Overall, this was a decent murder mystery for Case Closed, although I wouldn’t rank it among the most memorable mysteries that have appeared in the franchise over its run.

Well, there wasn’t a next episode preview at the end, so it’s looking like Case Closed will be taking the week off next week. I’ll just have to check next week to make sure.

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