Media Blasters to Discontinue Its DVD on Demand System Starting in 2021

North American anime distributor Media Blasters has announced on Facebook and Twitter that it will no longer use a DVD-On-Demand System from 2021. The company will produce pressed discs for a limited number of titles that it continues to circulate in the DVD format. The company stated that DVD sales have been dropping and that there have been increased incidences of Media Blasters’ DVDs being reported as “inauthentic” on marketplaces such as Amazon.

The company urged customers to forego buying its DVDs if they are concerned about the authenticity of the product and assured refunds and exchanges for those unhappy with their purchases. The company also urged customers to buy the Blu-ray Disc counterparts of the products, assuring customers that they are priced similarly. Media Blasters also stated on Twitter that it is considering halting DVD production and switching to Blu-ray Discs only.

Source: ANN

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