Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 6 – “The Cat Juan at the Old Temple”

Setsuna and Towa accompany Moroha to the guy who buys the demon bones that Moroha brings to him to raise the money she needs to pay off the mysterious debt that she’s racked up. It’s made clear later in the episode that she hasn’t told either Setsuna or Towa about this debt.

Moroha wants to make more money, and the three girls are told about travelers disappearing near an old temple and are asked to find out if there are ghosts or demons involved. Moroha agrees to take this job on.

There’s a great scene of Towa riding a bicycle, with Moroha standing in the basket and singing along with whatever song is playing on the MP3 player that was brought to feudal Japan when the girls made their trip there, and Setsuna just sitting on the back. Sure, this is an unsafe thing for them to be doing, but it was still amusing. They almost hit a little girl, who is being neglected by her parents because they’re “taking care of the cats.” When they get to her village, they discover the villagers doting on cats. Moroha and Setsuna can smell right away that they’re demons, but Towa can’t. This serves as one example where Towa is still needing to learn things in order to adjust to living in feudal Japan. Here, they get an easy win against these demon cats, and free the people. Later, we learn that Moroha and Setsuna treat what they did at this village as just doing their job, while Towa sees it as helping people out. This served as yet another example of Towa’s experiences being different from the other two girls and how this difference is affecting her ability to adapt to feudal Japan.

They make it to a temple, where a young monk comes out. His name is Juan, but Towa thinks he looks a lot like Julian, an idol that her little sister Mei likes. Towa guesses that Juan must be one of Julian’s ancestors. And here’s yet another example of Towa clinging to her life in modern day Japan.

The rest of the episode sees the three girls discovering that things aren’t what they seem at the temple, and they find themselves going up against a more powerful cat demon than the cats they dealt with at the village.

This episode doesn’t really advance the plot much, nor does it continue to peel away at the layers of the various questions and threads that are out there regarding these characters. However, it does, like I’ve stated several times in this piece, highlight Towa’s adjustment (or lack thereof) to life in feudal Japan after spending so much time in modern Japan. I suspect that this is a theme that the show will be running with for a little while longer, until Towa has enough experiences in her new environment to better understand and adjust to what’s going on around her and/or happening to her.

From the preview, it looks like Towa is going to be the focus of the next episode. I suspect that her “naivete,” as Setsuna refers to Towa’s thinking and behaviors in this world, are going to come back and haunt her.

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