Sol Press Announces Two New Manga Licenses

Sol Press has announced two new manga licenses.

Title: Is the order a rabbit?
Author: Koi
Synopsis: “Rabbits, rabbits!♪” Cocoa sang as she entered the café “Rabbit House.”
Little did she know that she would spend the next few years of her life there. Follow Cocoa as she makes friends with the quiet and blunt Chino, the strict yet kind military buff Rize, the calm and gentle Chiya, and the elegant yet down-to-earth Syaro. You don’t want to miss the first volume of Is the order a rabbit?

Title: Blend S manga
Author: Miyuki Nakayama
Synopsis: While looking for a part-time job, Sakuranomiya Maika finds herself hired by a café where each waitress plays a different character type. She’s got a pretty scary look in her eyes, so for her role, she’s asked to play a sadist. As it turns out—and much to her surprise—she’s actually quite good at it. Just what sorts of strange, fun situations await her at her new post? Find out in BLEND・S.

Source: ANN

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