Case Closed: Episode 986 – “The Two Faces (Part Two)”

This episode begins with enough of a recap to remind the audience of the main gist of the previous episode, and ending with the final scene from last week.

It turns out that a burned body is found on the premises of Muto’s shop (the husband who had gone missing in the previous episode and was found by Kogoro and Conan). The wife identifies the body as being her husband’s, but Conan seems to believe that something is off, and he encourages Kogoro to question the employees to discover if someone else is missing. Through questioning, they find out that another employee is missing, and was a no-call no-show, which is very much out of character.

Kogoro and Conan go to the missing employee’s apartment, and Conan discovers that his toothbrush is missing. Kogoro brushes this off as something unrelated to the case, but the viewer can tell that Conan isn’t persuaded by Kogoro’s dismissal.

While exploring Muto’s shop, Conan stumbles upon one of the final pieces of the puzzle that he needs to figure out what the one truth is for this case. As expected, Conan uses his trusty voice-changing bowtie to call Takagi in order to set things up. There was an amusing moment, though, when Takagi is ending the call and he sees Kogoro walking by with his hands in his pockets. But instead of suspecting anything, Takagi does a double take and shrugs it off. This does seem to be on character for Takagi and is amusing, but it also does feel a little unnerving since he’s supposed to be a detective and probably should be a little more suspicious of things like that. Even so, I did still find amusement in that moment.

Once everything is in place for Conan’s plan, the rest of the episode proceeds as viewers of Case Closed have come to expect. Kogoro is knocked out once again, Conan uses the voice changing bowtie to relay the information that solves the mystery, and the truth is revealed. There were a couple of twists in there, but the resolution almost felt like a “by the numbers” resolution.

In the end, this two-parter was a good story for Case Closed, although there really wasn’t much to make it stand out and turn it into a great story. In the end, I would have to rate this as an average mystery for the series.

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