The Fandom Post is reporting that Media Blasters has announced that it will release the 10 Tokyo Warriors anime on Blu-ray. This would be the first time this series will have a Blu-ray release. The previous DVD release came out years ago and the six episodes of the OVAs were released between 1999 and 2002.

The story of 10 Tokyo Warriors is described as:

Long ago, in feudal Japan, there was a fierce warrior named the Demon King. He controlled a band of demons, known as the Kyouma. Only the powers of 10 warriors sealed the Demon King away and kept the Kyouma under control. But now, Lord Shindigan, a powerful Kyouma is planning to free the Demon King, and the reincarnations of the 10 warriors must band together and save the earth.

Source: The Fandom Post